A Crimson Frost By Marcia Lynn McClure

“Then claim it my pretty knight,” she whispered – weeping with joy. “Claim your prize…claim me as your token of favour. For I have ever been yours, Broderick.”

Aside from business, this entry is purely about a book that I’ve read recently. This book reminds me a lot, during my times of reading my favourite book, ever, ‘Twilight’.

A Crimson FrostDuring that time, Mama memang baca ‘Twilight’ banyak kali, sehinggakan buku tersebut hampir lunyai. I do read books occasionally, cuma this book, oh my, I don’t know how to describe. I have the same feeling as I’ve read ‘Twilight’, during reading this book.

I was grinning like a mad person. And I kept on returning to this book, if I just want to feel good. This book has really made my day. Reading this book will light up my day.

When I read ‘Twilight’, I fell in love with Edward Cullen. Like head over heels. And the same thing happen when I read ‘A Crimson Frost’. I fell in love with Sir Broderick Dougray. And this time around, I fell hard for this hero.

This book is a pure, clean romance, similar to ‘Twilight’. ‘A Crimson Frost’ tells a romance tale, between a crimson knight of a peaceful kingdom named Karvana, and a beautiful scarlet princess of the same kingdom. Princess Monet and Sir Broderick Dougray harbour the same feeling of love towards each other, but, only keep the feelings to themselves.

Henry CavillI don’t know why, but I keep on imagining Henry Cavill as Sir Broderick Dougray. He is just perfect for the character. Broad shoulder, a pair of  mesmerizing and piercing blue eyes, pretty face, the raven hair, and oh the smile…:) A really killer smile that will melts a lot of women’s hearts out there. Henry Cavill is just perfect for this character. Oh my, he is so handsome.

Emily BrowningEmily Browning as Princess Monet. I love Emily Browning. Her face features are really beautiful and she has the face of a beautiful princess. I somehow can imagine her with Henry Cavill together. Beautiful couple.

This romance tale set during a medieval period, so, there will be tournaments between knights, where they have jousting, fencing and others. And of course, what a romance book, set during a medieval period that doesn’t have wars between 2 kingdoms.

I love every scenes in this book. The scene when they have their first kiss, the scene when they got married to each other, the scene when they went into exile, the scene when they are together and keep on jesting with each other, the scene when Princess Monet run her hands through Sir Broderick’s raven hairs. Oh my! That scene really melts my heart, and I’ve grinning from ear to ear…:)

My heart was thumping like crazy during the scene when the Exampler Knights gathered together to save Princess Monet. That particular scene has taken my breath away.

I’ve never loved a book, ever since ‘Twilight’. But this book, has finally captured my heart. I love the romance tale, I love Princess Monet and I love Sir Broderick Dougray. Their love are so pure, so innocent and so beautiful. I’ve cried the moment they confessed their love to each other. And the way they found out about their secret loves towards each other is simply breathtaking.

This author, Marcia Lynn McClure has becoming one of my favourite authors. I’ve read her other books other than ‘A Crimson Frost’, and seriously, her works are amazing. But this one, will always be my favourite of hers.

If you are a fan of a clean and historical romance, then read this book. Their love story is really amazing and simply beautiful.

I’ve wished there are more books similar to this. Simply a pure and innocent love story.

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