A Mini Me

I have always dreamed to have a daughter of my own. I don’t know why. Maybe I love the idea of having a mini version of myself.

Mother And DaughterSo, when Inas was born, I was truly happy. I am still happy until now.

And I do get my wish. Inas is truly a mini version of me. She is the exactly the copy version of myself. From the facial features, the personality, even the attitude. Exactly the same. That is what my mother has always told me.

At first, I don’t really understand her. She’s so different compared to Syahir. Syahir is much more an easy child. Dengar kata, even though ada kalanya tidak dengar juga. But, Syahir is someone yang suka beralah. He’s like the sweetest boy ever.

But Inas. Hmm. Inas is like the total opposite. Inas is someone that has her own temper, and someone that is quite stubborn. She will do whatever she wants according to her will. Which is, ikut suka hati dia. She is so sensitive, and she is someone yang memang selalu ingat perkara buruk yang berlaku pada dia. Contoh, if you just stare at her without voicing your temper at her, just to show how angry your are at her, she will cry and she will remember that, even though she has gone to sleep at the night and wakes up at the next day.

But, she is someone yang really love the happy things as well. She loves being a princess. She loves makeups. She loves to please her mother. She loves to smile and to laugh. And she knows what she wants. If you ever pull out a clothes that she hates to wear, she will say it. She will say it to your face she doesn’t like it.

While Syahir is a boy who has less complain, Inas is the total opposite.

I always believe that Syahir is the copy version of my husband. Someone that is easy to be pleased, and when dealing with Inas, it was a lost case.

Later that I know, I’ve used to be someone like that, years ago.

While Syahir is my sole reason why I’ve started this business, Inas is the one who has gone through the process in this business, together with me. I still remember when I was fighting to qualify myself for the free trip to London & Paris, I was pregnant with Inas, and I remember that I berpantang hanya 2 minggu because the closing date for the free trip is almost near. Hahaha!

Both of my children will always be the love of my heart. I have never divided the love between my children. I love Syahir as much as I love Inas. But, it is good to have a mini version of myself, to see her grow up and finally become the women that she was meant to be.

She’s turning 3 years-old this coming September 2015. And how time flies so fast.

Photoshoot At Ramza Studio - 1I love you so much, Inas. Grow up and be good. Amin.

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