Ahmad Syahir Is 9-Years Old

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

Mama rasa, cepat sangat masa berlalu. I still remember that at this time, 9 years ago, I was having contraction. And today, Syahir sudah pun genap berumur 9 tahun.

This morning, while having our breakfast, Syahir told me that Ayah nyanyikan lagu ‘Happy Birthday’ untuk Syahir ketika kejut Syahir bangun pagi. And he was smiling while telling me this story.

I actually have no idea what to write in this entry. Perhaps, I can tell a bit about Syahir at his age? Syahir, compared to Inas, is an easy boy. Senang untuk diambil hati, and pandai ambil hati orang lain.

Syahir, seperti yang Ayah selalu beritahu, adalah seorang yang agak lurus. Sometimes, he doesn’t get that people are telling jokes, or being loyar buruk dengan dia. He will take that seriously. And that is why people love making fun of him. Even Ayah pun suka sangat mengusik Syahir.

Syahir with his cousin, Ariqa.

His current favourite thing is a bicycle. He doesn’t own one, yet. Since we’ve promised him we would buy one if he get good results in his final examination for this year. We’ll see about that.

But, his grandmother (from Ayah’s side) did buy him one. But, we didn’t let him take that bicycle back to our home. He only can play the bicycle at his grandmother’s home. So, we do have reasons to go back (or reasons for Syahir to go back to rumah Tok). So that he can ride his bicycle.

I’ve remembered one time, Mama sedang usap kepala Inas, while making mess out of her hair. Inas was smiling and laughing because of that. And Syahir took my hand, put my hand on top of his head, and said, “Mama buat plak kat Syahir,” And I thought that was so cute of him. Being jealous and wanting more attention.

I’ve remembered sewing a Merdeka dress for Inas. While sewing the dress, Syahir came to me asking for a baju Merdeka as well. So, yes, I’ve made one for Syahir…:) This baju only took me one day to sew. Alhamdulillah, Syahir suka sangat dengan baju Merdeka ini.

I can write more about him, but, as always, I would love to keep more to me.

And yesterday (7th of October 2018) was Ayah’s (my husband) birthday. Happy birthday to my man.

The do look alike, don’t they?

Semoga Allah sentiasa merahmati kami sekeluarga. Dan semoga Allah sentiasa murahkan rezeki kami sekeluarga.


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