Ahmad Syahir’s Craft Works

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

Syahir is a big boy now. Late last year, I’ve decided to enroll him in Little Caliph Pre-school, which is near to my house. At first, I was so scared and didn;t know what to expect, because this pre-school thing is new to Syahir. I wondered how Syahir will think about learning, about taking assessments and all.

Ahmad Syahir - 3Syahir with his new uniform. Syahir panggil ‘Baju Yellow’.

I am not that kind of mother yang sentiasa akan compare anak sendiri dengan mana-mana children yang sebaya dengan Syahir. I know that there are lots of children out there yang sebaya dengan Syahir, even lagi muda dengan Syahir memang sudah pandai banyak benda. Like, membaca surah Al-Fatihah and all. I think, for me, it’s better the children learn on their own, without forcing them so much.

Izyan Liyana And Ahmad Syahir - 3He’s so tall. At 5 years-old, he’s already past my waist…:)

At first, it was quite difficult. Syahir kurang menumpukan perhatian dalam kelas. Syahir akan menghilangkan diri everytime class start and pergi menyorok somewhere in the building. Sampaikan at one point, the teachers have to ask me, to talk to Syahir, pesan kepada dia supaya sentiasa focus apabila teacher mengajar.

And I’ve asked Syahir what’s wrong. Why he didn’t pay attention in the class. I’m not that mad at him. Just curious a bit. And he answered, “Syahir boring lah Mama,” Oh my, budak besar macam ini sudah tahu dengan perasaan boring? But, everyday, I would encouraged him, talked to him, cerita betapa seronoknya pergi sekolah, that he would get a lot of friends, and Syahir somehow, finally dapat menumpukan perhatian in class, until now.

And after that, the series of kencing atas tilam. When Syahir reached 4-years old, we potty trained him, so that Syahir no longer has to wear pampers. It works. Memang Syahir no longer pakai pampers even masa di nursery lama. Even di rumah, Syahir akan pergi toilet sendiri kalau Syahir hendak membuang air. But, when he enrolled to this pre-school. somehow setiap kali habis kelas, apabila hendak tidur di day care pada waktu petang, Syahir akan kencing atas tilam. And teachers sudah cuba almost everything untuk membuatkan Syahir tidak kencing atas tilam. At one point, they almost gave up and ask for pampers for Syahir, from me.

I was so sad at that time. I wondered what makes him to kencing atas tilam, because Syahir langsung tidak kencing merata masa di rumah. I didn’t know what to do. But every morning, everyday hantar Syahir ke pre-school, Mama akan pesan juga pada Syahir, and bacakan doa pada Syahir, supaya jangan kencing atas tilam. Supaya Allah beri kekuatan pada Syahir, and bantu Syahir supaya tidak kencing atas tilam. I did that every single day.

And after a few months, Syahir no longer kencing atas tilam. So, no pampers for Syahir. Yeay!

Alhamdulillah, after a few months of going to the pre-school, I can see positive developments in Syahir, despite all the incidents. He can recite doa makan, Al-Fatihah, even performing solat perfectly. Setiap bacaan dalam solat pun Syahir can remember. He somehow is a behaved student. Dengar kata teachers.

And he knows how to write. Sebelum ini, pegang pencil pun tidak pandai. Alhamdulillah.

What I love about this pre-school is the hand craft session. Apabila ada kraftangan baru, or even a new painting yand diwarnakan atau dilukis ketika class session di pre-school, Syahir seolah-olah tidak sabar hendak menunjukkan pada Mama. After reaching hom, he would take the hand crafts from his bag, and say, “Nah, Mama, cuba tengok. Cantik tak?”

Ahmad Syahir - 5Showing off his art works to me.

Children. They grow up so fast. Syahir talks a lot, that somehow I’ve forgotten that he’s a big boy already. Lagi 2 tahun, akan masuk Darjah 1. So, for the time being, I’ll let Syahir plays as much as he can. Let him explore this world, on his own. I would watch his back.

Ahmad Syahir - 6What I’ve learned so far, you can be a loving mother, and you can be a successful entrepreneurs at the same time. Children see their parents as their idols. So, that’s why, every single day, I am aiming to be better person, a better Muslimah, and maybe, a better mother for Syahir. I am not perfect, but I am learning to get it perfect.

Thank you, Allah. I am blessed to have this little angel. And oh, to have Inas Lutfiyah as my daughter as well. Oh my, when these 2, Syahir and Inas are together, memang havoc keadaan rumah kami.

Ahmad Syahir - 4This is Syahir. When he was 2 days-old. How time flies so fast.

I think that’s all for now. I would love to write more about Syahir, but, for now, I think this is enough. Perhaps, in another entry, I’ll write more about these 2 little angels…:)

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