Anugerah Jam Tangan DSM Ismalina Ishak

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, so many things happen in my life right now, but, so little time…T__________T Okey, Mama cuber untuk displinkan diri Mama untuk selalu update blog. Kesiannyer kat you all, mesti you all tertunggu-tunggu update from Mama, kan? I know my sister did. Yesterday, she opened my blog, and asked, “Dah update blog? Laaa, entry nie aku dah bacer dah….” Hehehehe…:)

Anyway, another string of achievements, I guess…:) This time around, my business partner plak yang dapat Jam Tangan from Madam Lam, sempena Anugerah Jualan terunggul for January 2012. Congratulations to my dearest business partner, Ismalina Ishak for and outstanding performance of RM100,000 group sales in the month of January 2012!!!!!

Anugerah Jam Tangan DSM Ismalina Ishak - 1Muker happy sebab dapat Jam Tangan berpuaka from Madam…:)

I am so proud of you. One thing about Ismalina Ishak, she would never give up. She’s just keep on going and going and moving forward…:) At a very young age, she’s already owned a house and a car, and 2 solid incomes, one from her steady job as an accountant and one from this business…:) Wohooooooo~~~~~~

DSM Ismalina Ishak menerima Jam Tangan from CDM Multi-millionaire, CDM Kak Ana…:)

Some of my other business partners yang meraikan kejayaan DSM Ismalina Ishak, bergambar together dengan our beloved mentor and leader, CDM Kak Salha…:) Takper, lepas nie turn you all plak yer…:)

Not only that, she’ll be flying to Vietnam, together with her 2 business partners…:) Amazing performance…:) She’s just an ordinary person, do extraordinary efforts, and look at where she’s now? This business is do-able for everyone. It’s the matter of whether you want it or not. Nobody’s going to force you or stop you. It’s you who needs to make the decision, not your parents, your husband, your wife, your friends and bla… bla… bla…. IT’S YOU!

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:) So, who’s next? Just contact me: 019-4419180 (Izyan) / if you want to know more about this business…:)

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