Sketch #4, Sketch #5, Sketch #6 & Sketch #7

I couldn’t believe myself that I haven’t updated anything about my drawings for almost a year now. The last entry for my drawing was last September 2017, and now it’s almost entering the month of August 2018. I feel so bad…T____T

And the fact that I didn’t do much of drawing for the last almost a year make me feel like a loser, already. Haishh~~~ T___T (More crying face).

I have always love drawing. But, I do find the time is lacking for me to actually sit down and draw. Because, I have a habit to quickly finish drawing and colouring on the same day. So, when I look back at all my drawings so far, I haven’t improved that much, because I rush the time. And I don’t have the luxury of time, either.

So, without further ado, let me share with you some of the remaining drawings that I’ve done up until this month…:)

This was drawn and coloured by me, on last October 2017. This was supposed to be inspired by one of the characters in Sailormoon, which is Sailor Jupiter, or her name is Makoto Kino. This drawing was the updated drawing of Sketch #3, which I didn’t really like before. Overall, I feel much more satisfied with this drawing…:)

I haven’t drawn any Sailormoon characters ever since, because I lack of inspiration. Hahaha…>_<;;

This drawing was quite recent. I love how this drawing turned out. The hair colour and her blouse colour  matched perfectly. It was a simple drawing, just to get myself back on track. But, I did make a mistake by colouring her inner eyes with yellow colour…>_< But overall, I love this drawing so much…:)

A much more recent drawing. Which I love the drawing, but not exactly the colour. I love the combination of colours but, I still lack the techniques in colouring. So, I will keep on improving them, Insya Allah. This is my first drawing that I actually use a photo from Pinterest as my reference. Because I am so bad in drawing the fingers and the poses, so, I actually look for more photos in Pinterest as references and guidances.

The most recent drawing. Another photo from Pinterest as the reference. it has been a while that I really want to draw a male figure. Because I am bad in drawing male figures. And this time, I really took the time in drawing and colouring this one. I did not rush the colouring process. Overall, I really love this drawing. And I love how my guy turned out in this drawing…:) As usual, I made a few mistakes in colouring his right hand yellow (>_<) and in outlining process of his jacket. You can see the white line. I actually used liquid paper to erase the outline. Hahaha!! Silly me…>_<

There are so many poses that I want to draw. I’ll try to find the time to do lots of drawing in the future. I’ll keep on improving myself, Insya Allah…:) I hope, one day, I can be good in drawing…:) Doakan Mama ya. Aamiin.

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