Cooking And Me

The longer I’ve lived so far, I’ve learned that there are people who are born with talent, and there are people who work really hard to achieve their dreams. People with talent and skill, they can achieve their dreams easily.

So with cooking. Haha!!

To tell you the truth, I have zero skill in cooking. I’ve started cooking after getting married. Most of my friends know how to cook basic dishes when they were in school years.The only few dishes that I know how to cook are masak nasi (T___T), and scrambled eggs. And masak maggi, of course (haha!!). If maggi is considered as a dish…T____T Scrambled eggs is the first dish that my mother taught me.

So, when I wanted to get married to my husband, I told my husband that I don’t know how to cook. He’d probably ended up buying outside foods if he wanted to get married to me…T____T But, my husband, he still wanted to marry me. Auuuww…:)

So, it was a real nightmare for me when I’ve stayed at my parents-in-law’s house. Hendak masak apa pun tidak tahu. I am blessed to have a a mother-in-law yang sangat memahami. She didn’t ask me to cook. Instead, everytime I singgah di rumah my mother-in-law, she always cook my favourite dishes.

But, I did learn how to cook. I’ve started with ready paste yang siap di jual di pasaraya. Yang hanya perlu tambah bahan sahaja.

And later on, I’ve started to search for recipes for meals that I love to eat. I’ve started to korek resepi from my mother and my mother-in-law.

So, in cooking, you have to practise to get mad skills. I can still remember in the early days of cooking, I’ve always asked my mother, “Mama, berapa banyak kena bubuh?” And my mother replied, “Agak-agak lah,” Hoho!! Agak-agak dengan orang yang tidak tahu memasak, memang boleh jadi disaster.

And after I’ve moved to Padang Serai, we’ve moved to our own house, I have my own kitchen to practise. And along the months that I’ve practised cooking, I’ve learned one thing. You must know the basic recipe for whatever the meals that you are cooking. And you must consistently practising the basic.

Sama juga dalam berniaga. Not everyone are born with talent dalam berniaga. Ada orang, manis mulut untuk berniaga. Ada orang, memang jenis pendiam. Pun boleh berniaga. Asalkan tahu basic ilmu berniaga, and consistent kan berusaha dengan basic ilmu tersebut. And along the journey, keep on improving the basic ilmu.

So, from someone who have zero skills in cooking, nowadays I can cook basic dishes from the scratch, such as sup sayur, kari ikan, tomyam, buttermilk chicken, salted egg meals, mee goreng, asam pedas and many more. I still need to improve in cooking sambal though. And I always prepare breakfast for my family every morning.

So, what I really want to say, it’s fine, if you think you do not have any talent for certain things. As long as you are willing to learn, Insya Allah, you can do it as well. For whatever things that you wish to do. And enjoy the journey.

I can still remember cooking my first sotong celup tepung. Minyak meletup-letup sampai trauma hendak masak sotong celup tepung. And it didn’t happen pada pertama kali sahaja. After that, masak kali kedua, ketiga, pun tetap meletup-letup. Sampai satu masa, give up. Later that I’ve found out, that I need to keringkan air from sotong. Like, kering betul-betul. And a few days ago, I’ve made this sotong celup tepung, and Alhamdulillah, no more letup-letup. And it has became one of Syahir’s favourite dishes.

There are still many recipes that I want to learn. I may fail in certain recipes, but, I sure to keep on improving my skills. Like cooking rendang, laksa, any meat recipes.

So, wish me luck. Who knows, one day, I can be my own Master Chef…:)

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