Diamond Night 2012 – Diamond Sales Manager

Orait, sebelum Mama bersambung untuk entry hari kedua untuk trip ke Holland and Belgium, Mama nak buat entry lain dulu, supaya you all tak bosan bacer blog Mama…:) Aci tak camtue? Okey la tue kan…:)

Actually, after came back from Holland and Belgium nyer trip, a few days after that, we all ader Anugerah Diamond Night, yang berlangsung pada 21 April 2012 di Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC).

Pada malam tue, ader 4 orang yang ambil award and naik stage for Diamond Sales Manager Awards from my group, which is Mama sendiri, DSM Rajiah Razak, DSM Nur Ismalina and DSM Noor Hazawani. To my business partners yang naik stage untuk ambil awards, Mama ucapkan tahniah buat you all sumer…:) I am so proud of you…:)

Of course, dah namer pon malam red carpet, malam gilang gemilang, malam segala-galanya (cheewahhhhh), memang kiterorang glammed up giler-giler malam tue. Sampaikan masing-masing dah tak cam muker masing-masing. Malam tue memang we all transform habis-habisan. Maser malam nie la kalau boleh you all nak tengok dresses and gowns from famous Malaysian designers, such Rizalman, Radzuan Radzwill, Rizman Ruzaini, Ezuwan Ismail, Jovian Mandagie and lots of others more. And macam-macam fashion yang you all boleh tengok, daripada fashion tudung, fashion baju, fashion kasut, handbags and urghhhhhh, memang macam-macam. Mama memang suker pergi awards camnie, ala-ala cam Anugerah Berita Harian gitewww…:) Cumer baju tak disponsored okey, sumer pakai duit sendiri…:)

So, untuk tidak memanjang citer, you all enjoy all the pictures…:) Most pictures are taken from our own photographer yang we all hired untuk malam tue, which is Abang Sam and photographer yang DSM Rajiah Razak hired…:)

Make up: Adzlinda Elier

Dress and shawl: Nawy Aris Creations

Photographer: Abang Samsultahir Kaseh

So, enjoy…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 1Starting with me on the red carpet…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 2With my lovely and beautiful business partners yang naik stage untuk malam tue, untuk ambil awards Anugerah Diamond Sales Manager, DSM Noor Hazawani, DSM Rajiah Razak and DSM Nur Ismalina…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 3Diamond Night 2012 - 4With our beloved mentor and leader, CDM Kak Salha Zain. Her dress was designed exclusively for her by the famous Malaysian designer, Rizalman…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 5With our CDM celebrity, CDM Hanis Haizi…:) She’s one of the speaker for the night, chosen by the company for her amazing and outstanding performance in this business…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 7With my group. Alhamdulillah, syukur…:) I have never thought it would be this big…:) From strangers to family…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 8Diamond Night 2012 - 9Diamond Night 2012 - 10Me, accepting the award for Diamond Sales Manager…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 11Diamond Night 2012 - 12With DSM Rajiah Razak’s group, SM Hajar and SM Natrah…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 13Diamond Night 2012 - 14Diamond Night 2012 - 15Diamond Night 2012 - 6With DSM Ismalina’s group, SM Syiekin Azam and her hubby, coming all the way down from Johor for this event…:) Thank you so much, dear…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 16Diamond Night 2012 - 17Diamond Night 2012 - 18With SM Ket’s group…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 19She used to be my customer, and now, she’s my rising star…:) Congratulations to DSM Ismalina Ishak…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 20Diamond Night 2012 - 21Diamond Night 2012 - 22Diamond Night 2012 - 23Diamond Night 2012 - 24With the lovely DSM Aida…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 25With my lovely buddies in this business, DSM Aisyah, SSM Siti Shuhaida and SSM Kak Iffa…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 26Diamond Night 2012 - 27Diamond Night 2012 - 28Diamond Night 2012 - 29With my inspiring idol, DSM Kak Lily Halim. Oh dear, I am so honoured to be able to stand next to her. She’s my idol to be looked at in this business…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 31Diamond Night 2012 - 30Main-main dengan perut ‘bumil’.

We’ve come a long way…:) And it’s still a long wayyyyy ahead. Insya Allah, we’ll do it together to achieve our dreams and missions…:) We worked hard and we played hard. Come and join us, to be in this beautiful journey, in this beautiful business that have turned lots of people’s lives from zero to hero, from zero to 360 degrees into a much better person…:)

Just contact me to know more about this beautiful business, and let me share you my experience…:)

Diamond Night 2012 - 32You too can be part of this beautiful family…:)

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