Dik Na’s Wedding Celebration

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

Dik Na is my husband the only sister and the only daughter to my parents-in-law. She finally got married last month, and Alhamdulillah, her wedding ceremony and celebration went well for both sides, the bride and the bridegroom.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 15For the akad nikah ceremony, we decided to wear the red and pink theme. At first, my husband decided to wear the pink baju Melayu, same colour as Syahir, but at the last minute, he decided to wear the same colour as mine. Just to be the same as mine. Auw, so sweet of you, Ayah.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 17My outfit of the night. A simple maxi dress with a plain chiffon wide shawl. The akad nikah ceremony was held at Masjid Taman Intan, Sungai Petani Kedah, after Isyak prayer. There were 2 other couples who got married at the same night at the same location.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 16Congratulations Dik Na. Semoga perkahwinan Dik Na and Arif berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu, dan sehingga ke Jannah, Insya Allah.

The next day, berlangsungnya kenduri perkahwinan bagi sebelah pihak perempuan. Kenduri diadakan di rumah my parents-in-law and our theme is green and pink.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 13Inas Lutfiyah’s outfit of the day. This dress was custom made specially for her. On that particular day, she has been saying, “Inas Princess!”

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 1My parents turut hadir untuk memeriahkan majlis kenduri on that day.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 2People have been saying that Inas Lutfiyah is the mini version of me. Personality, even muka pun sudah almost sama macam Mama.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 9A picture with the pasangan yang diraikan on that day. Look at Inas Lutfiyah, yang tersangatlah proud dengan dress kembangnya….T____T

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 8 Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 7 Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 6Welcome Arif, to the big family of Encik Mohd Salim and Puan Faridah.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 3The ladies with the Raja Sehari.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 5 Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 10We love you so much, Dik Na. Semoga berbahagia selalu. Jangan gaduh-gaduh yer…:)

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 4Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 14A kiss for the lovely bride. Cantik sangat Dik Na on that day. Her make up is simply flawless.

At the end of May 2015, kenduri sebelah pihak lelaki diadakan di Kemaman, Terengganu, bertempat di lokasi rumah ibu bapa pengantin lelaki.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 11Wajib bergambar dengan pengantin yang diraikan.

Wedding Celebration Dik Na - 18She’s much more taller than I am. People who knew me always knew that I am tall, taller compared to average women in Malaysia. But, Dik Na is much more taller than I am.

To Dik Na and Arif, congratulations from us. We all semua doakan perkahwinan Dik Na and Arif berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu, dan sehingga ke Jannah, Insya Allah.

Now, waiting for more anak saudara…:)

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