Happy New Year 2019

By the time I am writing this entry, it has been 9 days of entering 2019. As cliche as it always sounds, the days have gone that fast. Since it is my first entry for the new year, I do wish to all of my loyal (and new) readers, Happy New Year 2019.

I think, the common thing people always do (and write) when it comes to new year, is their new resolutions. As for me, I do have my resolutions. But, I don’t think I want to write them down here. In this entry, I’ll just briefly recap what happened in my life for the last past few weeks.

December last year (specifically 25 December 2018), my husband and I celebrated our 10-years anniversary. Yes, we did reach the 10-years milestone. Phew~~

We didn’t go anywhere. We’ve stayed at our home on our anniversary. Personally, I, myself, still couldn’t believe it that I’ve been married to this man for 10 years already. And I still couldn’t believe myself, that I am still madly in love with him, after all of these years. I still find him handsome throughout these years. I still miss him terribly everyday, more terribly when he is out station.

I always pray that our marriage do last. Last until our death and be together again in Jannah. I really hope, that I could still hold his hands even after we enter Jannah. I even hope that I will enter Jannah.


Inas is in Standard 1 now. Yes, she’s a big girl already.

I was really nervous when she started to enter primary school. Because I know her. On her first day at school, I didn’t go teman her, like any other parents would do. Only my husband go with her, since his office is much nearer to her (and Syahir’s) school compared to where our house is located.

I was sitting in my room, being so nervous for the whole day, thinking about Inas. Is she going to be okay? Is she getting any new friend? Is she going to be okay when she goes to the school toilet? Is she going to be okay if she is getting any new garang teacher? Does she know how to manage her money when she goes to the canteen?

I called my husband a few times during on that day, just to check on Inas. It turned out that, she was fine the whole day. She knows how to manage her money. She’s been getting a lot of friends. She knows how to protect her own belongings. At least, tiada barang yang asyik hilang, compared to Syahir. Balik sekolah, pemadam hilang, colour pencils hilang…T___T

It will be a while, for me to listen to her stories, every time she comes back from school. She still has a lot to learn, and I will have to listen more to her stories. Doakan, semoga anak-anak Mama, menjadi anak murid yang baik, yang sentiasa mendengar kata-kata guru, yang tidak menyusahkan orang lain, dan cemerlang dalam pelajaran.


I’ve learned some new recipes from my mother and my mother-in-law. And this year, I intend to learn more new recipes, so that I have more ideas in cooking meals for the family…:)

I’ve started to learn hand-sewing. Yes, you read it right. Hand-sewing. I sew blouses and shirts for Syahir and Inas, by hand. And I actually enjoyed the activity a lot. I plan to have more hand-sewing projects this year. Insya Allah…:) I will write about these projects in my blog, soon enough.

My business is as usual. There were downs and ups. But, I know, Allah has given me and my family more than enough. Probably not a lot, but enough. And I will always be so grateful for that. Thank you Allah. And I pray, semoga Allah merahmati kami sekeluarga, dan sentiasa murahkan rezeki kami. Sentiasa luaskan pintu rezeki kami.


Again, I want to wish all of you, Selamat Tahun Baru 2019. Semoga tahun ini, tahun yang lebih baik untuk kita semua. Tahun untuk kita membuat perubahan yang lebih baik. Tahun untuk kita menjadi hamba Allah yang sentiasa mengikuti perintah-Nya, dan meninggalkan larangan-Nya. We know we can do this.

All the best semua, untuk tahun 2019.

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