He’s In Standard 1 Now

I believe, being a mother is the best position for a mother, perhaps. Hahaha!

I remember five (or kalau masuk tahun ini, six) years ago, back when I’ve started my business, I’ve started my own blog. And that time, I’ve used Blogger / blogpost as my blog host. I’ve named my blog, “Prince Syahir”, because I want to write his journey into this world. Syahir was still a baby at that time.

Now, he’s already in Standard 1. How time flies so fast.

Ahmad Syahir - 19His first picture in the year of 2016. Happy New Year 2016, from Syahir.

Ahmad Syahir - 20I still remember, the moment when he got to choose his first pair of school shoes. Of course, he had to choose Upin Ipin school shoes…T____T Nasib baik ketika itu tiada kasut robot. Kalau ada, mesti Syahir akan pilih kasut robot…T___T

We’ve decided untuk make sure Syahir berkhatan sebelum masuk sekolah rendah. So, Ayah brought him back to Kedah, and Syahir selesaikan proses berkhatan di sana.

Ahmad Syahir - 14Muka happy sebelum berkhatan. Apparently, Ayah bagitahu Syahir yang dia akan pergi cabut gigi. Syahir pernah cabut gigi sebelum ini, so, that’s why he can still smile.

Ahmad Syahir - 15Muka kelat after proses berkhatan. Alhamdulillah, walaupun Syahir ada bagitahu Mama, the experience was very painful to him, but, I am so proud of him that he went through that very well. He cried a little, but that’s just it.

Ahmad Syahir - 16Of course Ayah kena bribe Syahir dengan Lego. His favourite toys so far. Hahaha!

Ahmad Syahir - 17Sudah besar anak Mama seorang ini. Alhamdulillah, syukur.

I’ve remembered crying in my car after sending him off to Little Caliph Pre-School, on his last day there. Sebab maybe rasa sebak. Sebak sebab after this dia akan masuk sekolah rendah. No more teachers yang akan bantu dia one-on-one. He would be independent.

But, I always believe in him. He’s a strong boy, and never afraid to the outside world.

Ahmad Syahir And Inas Lutfiyah – 5Shopping for his stationary and school uniforms. We all hanya shopping di Giant Hypermarket, sebab dekat dengan rumah. And semua kelengkapan ada di sana.

Syahir. You have been a good boy, so far, and I believe you would always be a good boy. My prayer to you, always be a good boy to us, and to society. Be kind and be humble.

Ahmad Syahir - 18His first experience attending a primary school. Ya Allah, handsome nya anak Mama. Terus rasa hendak menangis sekejap, sebab he’s really a big boy now. Mama masih kurang percaya yang Syahir sudah masuk sekolah rendah. I hope you will experience good things in school.

HandwritingOf course, my first job as a mother in the year of 2016, is to write down his name on over 30 books. I was so amazed that I can still maintain my handwriting. Some of my Facebook friend did tell me to tempah chop, supaya senang, after this boleh terus chop sahaja nama Syahir atas buku latihan.

Maybe, apabila Inas sudah masuk sekolah nanti. But, for the time being, I really want to enjoy this moment, for being able to write his name, balut buku sekolah dia and all.

Ah, the best feeling when you are a mother.

If you do read this entry and a mother to son / daughter who’s first time entering a primary school, do share your feeling in the comment section below. I would love to read your experiences as well.

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