Holiday In Melaka (30th of July ~ 1st August 2015) – Day 1

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

Sudah lama Mama cuba menulis, but, somehow, I was always caught up in the middle of something. So, here I am again, writing for another backdated entry.

Since Syahir is going to be a Standard 1 next year, Mama and Ayah had decided to take a small break from work and life, and had a little holiday with the little angels. Ever since I have achieved my own time freedom and a bit of financial independent, it is so much easier to plan a holiday for us. Just simply pick a date and book a hotel.

Mama and Ayah decided not to go anyway during school holidays, since everything is much more expensive compared to normal days. So, yes, we’ve booked a hotel in Melaka for our holiday during normal days.

Holiday In Melaka - 20A special holiday for Syahir and Inas. We have been telling Syahir that he is going to swim in a bigger pool. Syahir loves to swim in our apartment’s swimming pool, so, we’ve decided to take him somewhere that has a bigger swimming pool with some entertainment.

We all bertolak around jam 11.00 pagi on 30th of July 2015. The journey only took us 2 hours, driving from Shah Alam to Melaka. Alhamdulillah, the journey was smooth.

We’ve booked our hotel which was Swiss Garden Hotel, that is located at The Shore. It was our first time staying at the hotel, and seriously, we love it so much.

The hotel is in the same building with The Shore Shopping Mall, which is convenient for us, since we will be having our own lunches and dinners on our own.

Holiday In Melaka - 26The room is very spacious. And yes, it has a transparent bathroom, so, basically, the children were so excited to take showers in it.

Holiday In Melaka - 27The view from our room. We all stay at 14th floor. Can you see the river? Turn out to be that they have cruises along the river. So excited!

Holiday In Melaka - 28Holiday In Melaka - 29Just like a boss, eh? Syahir even said that, “Mama, katil kat hotel nie lagi best dari rumah Mama,” T_____T

After having our prayers and freshen up a bit, we have decided to go for the main event, which is – THE SWIMMING POOL! Yes, we have decided to go for the swimming pool on our first day in the hotel.

Holiday In Melaka - 25The swimming pool is magnificent. Way beyond our imagination. And can you guess who had more fun? Yes, Ayah had more fun than Syahir. He swam together with Syahir. Of course, Syahir was too excited to swim with his pelampung, sampai kecut habis badan.

When I’ve posted the above picture in my Instagram, people have been asking where is this place? Konon-konon macam di oversea…^^;;

Holiday In Melaka - 24Kecut satu badan. Tapi, sangat puas hati apabila tengok Syahir was so happy. Inas wasn’t really that too excited to swim, maybe because the swimming pool is way too big for her.

After having our time at the swimming pool, we went back to our room, to take showers and get ready to go out to have our dinner. After having our dinner, we took a small walk, jalan keliling hotel and the river. The night view was really beautiful around the hotel.

Holiday In Melaka - 23In front of The Shore Shopping Mall. Ada musical fountain.

Holiday In Melaka - 22Musical fountain. Pancutan air mengikut alunan music. Such a calming view, to enjoy this fountain sambil mendengar lagu.

Holiday In Melaka - 21Alhamdulillah, our first day in Melaka went very well. We’ve had so much fun. And we had so many programs to do for the next day. So, stay tuned for Day 2 in Melaka.

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