Holiday In Melaka (30th of July ~ 1st August 2015) – Day 2 & 3

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Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

The last entry for our holiday in Melaka.

Our second day in Melaka, kebanyakannya dipenuhi dengan aktiviti berjalan di sekitar hotel sahaja. We had decided untuk menaiki cruise yang berada di kawasan our hotel.

After having our breakfast at the nearest Mamak restaurant, we took a walk around the river, berhadapan dengan our hotel.

Holiday In Melaka - 15Casual day. A pair of jeans and a loose blouse. And I wore shawl from Shawl By VSnow. Love the material, sebab tidak panas langsung.

Holiday In Melaka - 18Pagi-pagi sudah ber exercise, berjalan di sekeliling sungai tersebut. I love this kind of walk, where I can appreciate the nature and have a little of exercise. Masa ini, Mama terfikir, kalau dapat jogging di sekitar sungai ini, alangkah bagusnya.

Holiday In Melaka - 17They really enjoyed the view from up there.

Holiday In Melaka - 16Susah betul hendak mengambil gambar mereka bertiga. While Inas was crying, Syahir was teasing Ayah from behind. Cheeky little angel…T___T

Along the river, memang ada kawasan perkampungan. And di sekitar kawasan perkampungan, memang ada rumah-rumah yang dijadikan tempat tourist attraction. These tourist attraction memang betul-betul represent Malaysia. Salah satunya, rumah yang we all ambil gambar di atas. Very colourful and cheerful.

After habis buat satu pusingan di kawasan sungai tersebut, we all decided untuk menaiki cruise di sepanjang sungai tersebut. After purchasing our tickets, since ada masa lagi sebelum our cruise, we all decided untuk explore The Ocenarium yang  terletak di dalam shopping mall The Shore.

“The Shore Oceanarium is the New Premier Tourist Attraction in Melaka. It is located at 2nd floor of The Shore Shopping Gallery, right in the heart of the historical city of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia.  An extraordinary interactive journey to learn the earth ecosystem and allow you to discover creatures from land to the sea.

As Melaka’s premier visitor destination and a major entertainment attraction, The Shore Oceanarium is undoubtedly the one not-to-be-missed spot on your itinerary. A few hours spent at the The Shore Oceanarium Melaka will be as educational as it is fun and memorable.

In the interactive zone we equipped the First in the Malaysia “Magical Vacuum Aquarium / MVA Aquarium.” Taken from:

Holiday In Melaka - 14Siap ada fish spa lagi. Personally, Mama memang geli kalau bab-bab berkaitan ikan ini. Haha! Ayah memang excited sangat.

Holiday In Melaka - 13 Holiday In Melaka - 12Basically, this fish is one of the biggest fishes in this ocenarium, and it didn’t move / swim at all. Maybe sebab berat? ^^;;

Holiday In Melaka - 11Holiday In Melaka - 10 Holiday In Melaka - 9Siapa yang excited sangat nie? The parents or the children?

Holiday In Melaka - 7Holiday In Melaka - 8I was amazed to see some of the beautiful fishes in this big glass aquarium.

Holiday In Melaka - 6In this ocenarium, you can pay to feed the turtle. Another new experience for my family and I. Syahir really enjoyed to feed the turtle, walaupun the whole journey ketika berada di dalam ocenarium ini, he wasn’t really that happy. Because Syahir sangat takut dengan ikan-ikan besar dalam ocenarium ini.

Holiday In Melaka - 5Can you see the big turtle? Berebut turtle ini bila hendak makan, ketika we all try to feed them.

Holiday In Melaka - 4Alhamdulillah, after visiting and exploring the ocenarium, we all pun bergegas ke jeti (jeti ker?) untuk hendak naik cruise. And guess what? The kids really enjoyed this cruise.

Holiday In Melaka - 3 Holiday In Melaka - 2We were really happy to be able to enjoy all the beautiful sceneries yang terdapat di sepanjang our cruise. Seriously, Melaka is such a beautiful place. Do take your own time to enjoy the cruise, if you are in Melaka for holiday.

I did a video untuk our cruise along the Melaka river. So, do watch the video, to enjoy some of the beautiful sceneries ketika our cruise along the beautiful Melaka river.

Holiday In Melaka - 1Alhamdulillah, some of our main events of the day memang we all dapat complete dengan jayanya, Sebab cuaca ketika itu pun memang tidak panas sangat, and the children pun tidak cranky.

So, after the cruise, we went out to had our lunch, and we bought our dinner as well. Sebab after balik ke hotel, we all malas hendak keluar. Later that evening, we all terjun kolam lagi. The main purpose we all stay in this hotel because of the swimming pool. So, memang we all enjoy puas-puas bermandi manda di kolam tersebut. Siap ada jacuzzi lagi. Memang rasa macam badan diurut-urut ketika berendam di dalam jacuzzi tersebut.

Holiday In Melaka - 19We all pulang ke Shah Alam, the next day. We all check out pagi, and Alhamdulillah, the traffic sangat lancar. So, before tengahari, we all selamat sampai di Shah Alam.

Overall, we really enjoyed our family trip to Melaka. Mama memang bercadang untuk bawa these little angels berjalan-jalan di sekitar Malaysia, selagi ada masa dan tenaga. Maybe after this, bermalam di Legoland hotel, and pergi mana-mana water theme parks. Haven’t decided on that one yet. So, hopefully you all enjoy baca entry Mama kali ini ya!

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