How To Take Care Sensitive Skin

By the title, you should know that I have sensitive skin. Not only my skin is sensitive, it is easily get irritated as well. And when it is irritated, it’ll get dry like a desert. You know, kering macam padang pasir.

I didn’t have a sensitive skin back then before getting married. My skin was starting to get more sensitive after getting pregnant with Inas. When I was pregnant with Inas, my skin started to get dry and I’ve had red patches around my eyes. As if I’ve gotten punched. Back then, I seriously didn’t know what to do.

And after delivering Inas, my skin has started to get more sensitive than ever. At one point, it get easily irritated. One time, I was having a facial (after a long time), and right after that, my skin was irritated and itchy. And my eyes were swollen. Ambil masa hampir 2 minggu untuk recover.

And the skin irritation didn’t just stop there. Pernah satu masa, my whole face was swollen because I was trying a new face cleanser. It was a soy-based face cleanser. Bengkak paling teruk yang pernah Mama hadapi daripada sebelum-sebelum ini. And thanks to that, later I’ve found out that I am allergic to any soy products..T____T

And my eyes got swollen just because I’ve used make up wipes, a brand from Korea. Yes, that’s how sensitive my skin is.

So, if my skin is not getting any irritation or itchiness, normally my skin is very dry. So, finding a good skincare is a real challenge for me. Since I cannot simply try and error any skincare because of the irritation. So, I’ve started to do a bit of research (actually more research) on how to really take good care of sensitive skin.

I did go to see the doctor, to have consultation regarding my skin’s condition. Apparently, if you have asthma, skin allergy is common for you. Be it eczema, or any skin allergy. And it might get worse, or getting better, apabila umur kita semakin meningkat.

So, here I am, sharing what I do, or rather what am I using in my skincare, to take care of my sensitive skin. Cuma, apa yang Mama hendak pesan, apa yang Mama guna, might not work for your skin. Apa yang Mama kongsikan ini, Insya Allah, boleh menjadi panduan untuk you all yang menghadapi masalah kulit sensitive yang hampir sama dengan Mama.

First and foremost, the doctor did mention about diet. Not that diet-untuk-kurus. Tapi, lebih kepada jaga pemakanan. Untuk yang ada masalah kulit yang sangat sensitive, yang senang bengkak, yang senang gatal macam kulit Mama, there are certain foods that you have to avoid, ataupun, kurangkan. Any processed foods seperti nuggets, hot dogs, daging burger. The doctor juga ada bagitahu untuk kurangkan makan daging lembu dan ayam. And lebihkan kepada makan ikan. Untuk ayam, of you really love chicken, then you may want to eat ayam kampung as an option.

Of course, the doctor did mention about taking supplements. Untuk boost up the immuniation. So that bila terkena allergy lagi, the skin wouldn’t flare as much. Some of the supplements that were suggested by the doctors are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Coconut oil / vigin coconut oil
  • Fish oil

It can be any brands, but start taking any of the supplements, moderately. Of course you have to drink lots of plain water. For the time being, I take Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil. I take 2 capsules everyday. Selain daripada itu, setiap pagi, Mama akan bancuh satu sachet BBPlus Collagen, untuk penjagaan kulit dari dalam. And from time to time (not everyday), I do take 1 sachet of Garam Buluh Premier Drink untuk detox.

Okey, here’s the fun part. The skincare. I keep my skincare to the basic ones. Nothing too complicated.

Yes, only the basics. Since I am still trying to figure out what is okey, and what’s not with my skin.

Right now, I’ve been using Hada Labo Mild and Sensitive Skin Face Wash. Before this, I’ve used Garnier Aqua Defense Moisturizing Facial Wash for many, many years. But somehow, I couldn’t find that facial wash anymore, be it in any Gurdian or Watson store. I’m not too sure whether it is discontinued or not. So, right now, I’ve been using the facial wash. This facial wash is very gentle to my skin. Kalau ada irritation, bila guna facial wash ini, memang langsung tidak rasa pedih. Alhamdulillah…:)

The famous product from Hada Labo, Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion. I love this lotion. I pat my skin with this lotion after cleansing my face. When my skin is too dry because of any irritation, I would drench my skin with this lotion. Haha…:)

Next, I would apply Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream. I’ve never heard of this brand before this. I’ve come across a YouTube video about how to calm an irritated skin, and the person mentioned about this brand. Anyway, this brand is available in any Guardian or Watson store. And the price is affordable, Insya Allah.

It is a very rich cream, so I only apply it where my skin is irritated, especially around my nose and my mouth. and I do not use that much. After using this cream, you can feel you skin is getting softer. I’ve remembered putting this cream on my very irritated / burned skin for the first time, and my skin did get soft after that.

For the rest of the face, I apply Physiogel Daily Mositure Therapy Cream. A good daily moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. And after that, if I need to go out, I would apply Neutrogena Moisture with SPF 15.

And right now, my skin is still healing. I still get an irritation from time to time, but, it is manageable. Nothing that is too itchy. So, if you are suffering from a sensitive skin, you may want to apply these rules:

  • Take care of your diet
  • Take supplements
  • Detox
  • A good basic skincare routine

And give your skin time to repair and heal. Insya Allah, dalam masa 2-3 minggu, akan nampak perubahan.

So, I hope, some of these sharing will be beneficial to those who are having skin issues similar to mine. Insya Allah, if there is an updated skincare product that is worth enough to be shared here, Mama akan kongsikan di sini. Insya Allah, kita akan berjumpa lagi untuk entry akan datang.

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