Inas Lutfiyah Is 6 Years-Old

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

It has been a while, that I’ve finally managed to sit down and write down an entry. Today is a special day for me. Because today is Inas Lutfiyah’s birthday. She turned six years-old today, this year. Alhamdulillah…:)

I actually have no idea what to write in this entry. Normally, people would write something about what their kids can do at this age and boast about it. I have no against anything towards it, but, I still think, I want to keep those things to myself. Rather than boasting about it to the world. I will, one day, but, definitely not now.

All I can share is, Inas can read now. Alhamdulillah. And she can read a bit in tulisan Jawi as well. Being a second child, I can see that she’s much matured, compared to her older brother, Abang Syahir. But, as people always say, lelaki kan lambat matang. So, mungkin sebab itu juga…^^;;

Nowadays, Inas has her own taste. What she likes and dislikes. Pernah pergi mall untuk beli baju untuk dia, and it turned out to be a quite nightmare for me. Sebab apa yang Mama pilih, kebanyakannya Inas tidak berkenan. And it’s hard untuk pujuk dia untuk terima apa yang kita pilih untuk dia. When she says no, she means no.

Can you believe that I actually sew this dress for her? I didn’t quite believe myself either. But, Alhamdulillah, the dress turned out just nice for her.

And in this picture, I’ve tried to convince her to wear either a red or blue colour tudung, but she refused. She insisted to wear this brown colour tudung, just because she likes the design on her tudung. Sabar jer lah.

But, I think, that’s what makes her different from Syahir. While Syahir selalu menerima apa yang Mama dan Ayah cuba propose pada Syahir, Inas is very selective apa yang dia akan terima.

To Inas Lutfiyah, happy birthday my little angel. I can still remember your sweet and shy face, while we were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song to you. You smiled shyly and it was just so sweet. I will always love you. Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi Inas, menjaga Inas, merahmati Inas dan murahkan rezeki Inas.


If you are wondering why Inas looked so sad in the last picture, it was because Ayah bergurau dengan Inas right before taking this picture. And Inas merajuk. And punya lah payah untuk pujuk Inas, supaya senyum sekejap for this family picture. Nope, she decided not to smile for this picture…T____T

Semoga Inas membesar dan menjadi anak yang solehah, yang sentiasa mentaati segala perintah Allah, yang sentiasa meninggalkan larangan Allah. Mama sentiasa doakan supaya Inas sentiasa berada di dalam lindungan Allah selalu.


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