Inas Lutfiyah Is 7-Years Old

Yesterday (02 September 2019) was Inas Lutfiyah’s birthday. She’s 7-years old. I know, right? As cliche as it sounds, where the years have gone by?

I still remembered what happened on yesterday’s morning. Inas was getting ready for school. She came to me, and told me, “Hari nie birthday Inas,” I’ve forgotten @__@ Don’t blame me. I have a lot of things going on in my mind.

Inas smiled at me, asked about her birthday cake. I’ve promised to her, she will get her birthday cake after she came back from school that evening. The thing with Inas, you cannot make promises to her, unless you know you’ll grant the promises. Because, for sure Inas akan tuntut segala janji until the end…^^;;

I remembered kissing both of her cheeks before sending her off to school. And she smiled the widest smile ever.

So, after she came back from her school, all of us as a family, went to the bakery, which is located about 20-minutes drive from our house. Inas was really excited. I think, this was her first time going to a bakery to choose her own cake. Normally, we would buy the cake and she didn’t get to choose the cake.

Inas chose a simple cake. That’s my girl. She didn’t like any complicated stuff.

We went back to our house, and had our dinner first. And later on, the small celebration for Inas’s birthday.

I think, I’ve teared up a bit, while singing the happy birthday song. Inas gave us the widest smile ever, again. Right now, ada 2 batang gigi depan Inas yang sudah dicabut. So, the smile was funny…^^;;

She’s 7. Oh my! In another 20 years, I’ll be 56, and Inas will be 27. She probably is married by that time. Oh dear.

We will always want the best for our children. We want them to be happy with their lives. But, the most important thing that I want for my children, is not to depend on other people. I want them to be independent. I want them to be able to take care of themselves properly. I want them to be able to work in whatever situation. I want them to be patience and redha dengan segala ujian Allah S.W.T. And I want them, to be able to do a lot of good deeds so that we can be reunited in Jannah. Just be good people. Insya Allah.

I’ll probably keep on writing about my children’s birthday for the next 20 years? I don’t know. We’ll see about that…:)

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