Jubah Brand That I Love

Do you have any particular brands of clothes that you love? That you only shopping clothes from only those brands? Or you just don’t care, as long as the pattern / print is beautiful and the clothes that fit you?

I am someone who is very particular about clothes. Ever since I was into jubah since early last year, I am always in searching of perfect jubah for me. In the early stage of wearing jubah, I did not care what kind of jubah that I want to wear, as long it long enough (since I am 164cm) and it fit me. Nowadays, I am very careful, and very particular about the design.

My favourite jubah design is always A-pattern, which is the jubah will flare from the top. Tiada pinggang and just simply loose. And I prefer the length of the jubah to be at 57-inch / 58-inch. Nowadays, I prefer plain and mininal jubah, so that I can match with varieties of khimars / shawls. And since Mama berniaga Premium Beautiful, memang Mama selalu jumpa customers and clients, memang Mama prefer a simple jubah yang nampak decent untuk pergi event and jumpa customers and clients.

And oh, before I proceed with my favourite brands of jubah that I love, I did not sell this jubah. Sekali lagi, Mama tidak menjual jubah-jubah ini. It’s only me, sharing my favourite type of jubah. So, here we goes:


Website: http://www.calaqisya.com/index.php

Instagram: @calaqisya

I always love Calaqisya jubah. Especially their simple and plain jubah. I believe, I have only 4 jubah from this brand. 2 of them are in the same design. The length and the size fit me perfectly (I normally wear the size L / XL from this brand).

One of my favourite jubah from Calaqisya, ever. Love the fabric, love the printed design. Much love for this jubah.

This one is a flare with pleated in the front jubah from Calaqisya. It’s an old design from them. No longer avaible in Calaqisya, unless they want to release older series in the future. Who knew? Simple jubah that you can wear anytime and anywhere.

The same design as previous picture, in different colour. I believe, this is my first jubah that I bought from Calaqisya. Anyway, that khimar is really unique. As it has holes for arms…:)

Falah Abiyana

Instagram: @falahabiyana

I am not too sure whether I love this brand, because I only have 1 design from this brand.

I even have this design in 3 different colours. Black, Royal Blue and Dark Maroon (like what I wear in the picture). But, seriously, the design, the size really fits me (as usual, I wear size L). I even wear this jubah to company’s official events.

The black tweed jubah from Falah Abiyana. Love the fabric and the minimal design.

Khaleel Jameela Couture

Instagram: @khaleeljameelacouture

I would say, this is an indie brand. The underrated brands. Perhaps, because the owner of this brand want it to be this way. The owner of this brand is a friend of mine. When she was starting this brand, I bought one jubah from her. And oh, I instantly fell in love.

The first time of wearing this lovely jubah from Khaleel Jameela. In so much love with this jubah. Sangat ringan, flowy and really minimal design. Nothing too fancy.

I wore this jubah so many times. And wore it with many different colours of shawls and khimars.

The same jubah with different shawl. This jubah is so versatile. You can always mix and match with any types and any colours of your hijabs.

I did buy another design from this brand, with the same design. You can always customize your jubah with lace, the length and the size. But I haven’t wore it yet. So, still no picture of that jubah.

Kalau ikutkan Mama, Mama ini memang seorang yang suka pakai jubah, yang kalau boleh, tidak mahu sama design dengan orang lain. So, that’s why, sometimes I do hunt for indie brands yang tidak dikenali. Because I know, they have jubah, yang mungkin orang lain tidak pakai, atau jarang-jarang orang pakai.

Of course, in the end, I always wear my trusted Premium Beautiful inside. So that, apa-apa jubah yang Mama pakai pun akan terletak elok. And since badan kita ini mudah sangat untuk menjadi bongkok, so, memang Mama akan sentiasa pakai Premium Beautiful. Lemak badan pun tidaklah bergoyang-goyang kan?

Sekali lagi Mama tekankan di sini, Mama tidak menjual jubah-jubah ini. In case kalau you all berminat dengan jubah-jubah ini, you can always go to their websites / Instagram page that I’ve mentioned above…:)

So, yes. That are some of my favourite brands of jubah. Tell me in the comments what is your favourite brand of jubah. Perhaps you know some more of the indie brands out there. Until then, I’ll see you guys in the next post, Insya Allah.

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