Kerana Allah, Untuk Allah

There’s one time, where I sat back onto my bed, and just cried. At that time, my business was not doing that good, and I have barely enough income monthly just to cover my expenses. Nothing more untuk berbelanja lebih. Berbulan-bulan juga keadaannya macam itu. And one day, I finally gave in. I sat down and just cried.

I thought I was tired at that time. Somehow, at that moment, I was kind of lost. And my husband came to me, and sat down next to me, and asked what’s wrong with me.

I think I was complaining too much at that time. How it was hard for me to continue my business when there’s nothing good come out of it. I was thinking of just giving it all up and continue my life.

My husband, being the best listener, he just listened. And when I’ve finally finished ranting, he smiled and hugged me. And I can still remember his words.

He said, “Yana rasa macam tue ker? Yana tak rasa ker yang Allah memang bagi cukup-cukup untuk kita semua? Teruk-teruk income bulanan Yana, Yana masih ada tempat tinggal, makan pakai semua masih cukup. Anak-anak pun jarang sakit. Isn’t that enough to be thankful to Allah?” And I was stunned. Somehow tersedar. Allahu.

My husband, he always says the right things at the right moment.

And from that time, I’ve started to put more faith in Allah.

You see, in our community, kita buat solat sunat Dhuha, kita bersedekah, kita bangun malam untuk bertahajjud, just for the sake of our business. Semoga business kita makin maju. I’m not saying everyone is like that, but most of us. Sebab itu yang selalu disogokkan di dalam cerita-cerita inspirasi kejayaan. And I think that’s good. Sebab these people have the power to influence Muslim people to give their fully submission to Allah. Untuk kembali ke jalan Allah. Do more good deeds. Insya Allah.

But, when it comes to ourselves, do we do all of the above, truly and only for Allah, or is it for the sake of our business?

The answer lies within our hearts.

If kita buat solat sunat Dhuha, kita bersedekah, kita mendirikan solat 5 waktu dengan sempurna, kita bangun malam untuk bertahajjud, and still, our business is not doing that good, we didn’t get what we wanted in our life, do we still continue to do all of the above? Is our faith in Allah is so low, that we only do the above just for the sake of our business?

This is where I’ve started to change. Put absolute faith in Allah.

You see, when my late father-in-law left us a few months ago, I’ve started to think, that life is so short, and the hereafter is what we should be looking for. That we should be working on starting today.

Siapa yang akan mendoakan kita apabila kita tiada nanti? Will there be anyone who will come to my grave, and bacakan Surah Yassin, for me? Will there be anyone yang akan mendoakan semoga my roh akan sentiasa tenang di sana? And somehow, all of these thoughts scared me so much.

Kita kejar dunia, kita akan dapat dunia.

Kita kejar akhirat, kita akan dapat dunia dan akhirat. Kalau tidak dapat di dunia, Allah akan bagi di akhirat later. Janji Allah itu pasti.

And my routines changed from there. No longer I feel like I have to solat, bangun malam untuk bertahajjud for the sake of my business. But, for Allah. Only for Allah. Day-to-day, night-to-night, I feel that I want to get closer to Allah. Dan Mama sentiasa mencari peluang untuk rasa bercinta dengan Allah.

And when my business is going trough rough times, which is a lot of times (haha!), never I feel so depressed or even stressed. Never I think what money that I am going to use to cover my expenses every month if my financial / income is lower that month.

Memang betul kata my husband. Everything seems to be just enough. Cukup duit untuk cover everything. And I don’t feel the urge of spending too much. And it’s true, when you think and you feel, Allah is enough for you, memang serba serbi itu sangat cukup.

I’ve found the way to be much closer to Allah, through this business. And I am not saying hanya bila buat business sahaja yang kita akan sentiasa dekatkan diri dengan Allah. Even kita bekerja sekalipun, kita sebagai seorang suri rumah sekalipun, students, or sesiapa sahaja diri kita, memang sebagai seorang Muslim, we have the obligations untuk sentiasa dekatkan diri dengan Allah. Fully submission to Allah.

Find ways to please Allah. Sebab bila Allah happy dengan kita, Rahmat Allah, Subhanallah, memang terlampau banyak and tidak terkira. And I am not saying based on material items. Only your heart can feel betapa banyaknya rezeki yang Allah sudah pun turunkan untuk kita semua. It is so much more than the eyes can see.

I am not a good person. And I am just a human. Sometimes, and most of the times, I make a lot of mistakes. Cuma, I feel like writing this entry, to inspire people like me. Yang kadang-kadang mungkin terasa lost, to always turn back to Allah.

Jangan kita hanya pandang Allah ketika kita susah hati. Pandanglah Allah ketika kita sedang bergembira, ketika hendak tidur, hendak makan, ketika hati sedang tenang, meaning to say, anytime of the day, everywhere and anywhere, selagi boleh. Sebab Allah takkan lupakan hamba-hamba-Nya yang sentiasa berzikir memuji-Nya. Yang sentiasa mengingati-Nya.

Semoga, sesiapa yang membaca entry ini, finally find the answer untuk bagaimana menjadi Muslim yang lebih baik. Semoga, kita semua sentiasa istiqomah dalam perjalanan menuju ke jalan Allah. Perjalanan mungkin panjang, mungkin pendek untuk kita semua, but it is never too late for all of us untuk berubah ke arah yang lebih diredhai oleh Allah.

Bila Allah redha, life feels so much complete. Insya Allah. And I will always pray so that kita semua berjaya bukan setakat di dunia, malah herefater as well. Insya Allah.



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6 thoughts on “Kerana Allah, Untuk Allah

    • Much welcome Syahida.
      I am still learning, to be always a better person from yesterday.
      When we put 100% faith in Allah, never we feel so tired with dunia.
      Insya Allah, semoga hati kita sentiasa lebih rapat dengan Allah. Semoga hati kita takkan jauh dari Allah.
      And Kak Izyan doakan semoga Syahida berjaya di dunia, dan juga di akhirat, Insya Allah.

  1. Yes izyan, when we do everything just for Allah, kite takkan rase penat, malah kite rase masih tak cukup and nak buat banyak lagi dalam masa kite yg singkat ni..
    Everything we do, we do the best, because why, we do it for Allah..

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