Majlis Berbuka Puasa Bersama TLC Master Trainers

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

Another backdated entry. Bear with me. This time, an entry of our iftra, together with all the Top Leaders Circle Master Trainers.

  • Date: 1st of July 2015
  • Location: KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

This time around, we wanted to try something different, so, hence, we have decided to have our together-iftar at the highest point in Kuala Lumpur, which is KL Tower.

Iftar At KL Tower - 3It was my first time, to actually be here at KL Tower. And it was my first time to see the tower itself. Very, very high. And I was stuck more than 2 hours in the traffic jam, just to get here, from Shah Alam…T____T

Iftar At KL Tower - 2Muka stuck dalam traffic jam. Rasa hendak menangis pun ada. 2 freaking hours…T_____T Of course dalam gambar ini, I was still smiling…:)

Iftar At KL Tower - 1My outfit of the day, for our together-iftar. Nothing new this time. And that pink skirt? I’ve had it for the longest time ever, ever since anak dara lagi. Can’t believe it that I can still fit into the pink skirt. Thank you Premium Beautiful for maintaining my body shape for all this time.

Iftar At KL Tower - 6Sebelum we all naik ke atas, we all ambil peluang untuk bergambar di sekeliling lobi KL Tower. Not bad juga scenery di sekitar lobi KL Tower ini.

Iftar At KL Tower - 5Lampu chandeliers at the lobby of KL Tower. This is where we all naik lift untuk sampai ke restoran di tingkat atas, 421m above the ground. Fuh!

Iftar At KL Tower - 4 Iftar At KL Tower - 7Atmosphere 360: Revolving Restaurant at KL Tower, 421m above the ground. Can you spot the iconic KLCC over there?

Iftar At KL Tower - 10Live performances before masuk waktu berbuka puasa.

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know the chef of the night, Dato’ Chef Ismail. He is really friendly, and he even walked around the restaurant to get to know all those who were having the iftar at the restaurant.

We just have to mess up the selfie of Dato’ Chef Ismail.

Iftar At KL Tower - 16Top Leaders Circle Master Trainers and families…:)

Iftar At KL Tower - 11With the beautiful, CDM Salleha Roslan. She wore Zawara dress for that night.

Iftar At KL Tower - 23Selamat berbuka puasa, from us at KL Tower. Seriously you guys, the food, oh my! Sedap sangat. Semua makanan adalah yang jenis traditional Malay food, and every each of the food memang sangat sedap. And there was a lot of type of foods. Laksa, mee goreng, ikan bakar, masak lemak, lots of types of kuih tradisional, fruits and many more. What can I say, Dato’ Chef Ismail memang terbaik!

And of course, after the iftar, we have decided to stay at the restaurant, and took a lot of pictures. So, here goes, pose ala-ala macam supermodel gitu.

Iftar At KL Tower - 15 Iftar At KL Tower - 14 Iftar At KL Tower - 13 Iftar At KL Tower - 12 Iftar At KL Tower - 9 Iftar At KL Tower - 8Ada gaya macam supermodel tak? Hahahaha…:)

And some behind the scenes.

We’ve had fun, and maybe we will come again for our iftar, next Ramadhan, Insya Allah. We love the ambiance, the foods and the scenery, very, very much. Thumbs up!

So, that’s all for now. Kita akan bersambung lagi in the next entry. Jumpa you all semua!

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