Majlis Pertunangan Ahmad Rafiuddin & Syahirah

It has been a while that I have updated anything about my family. Anyway, today, this entry is about my youngest brother’s engagement ceremony. The ceremony was held on 21 April 2018 (Saturday).

The colour theme for the ceremony, for our family is light blue / baby blue. I don’t actually have any jubah in light blue colour, so I’ve decided to wear any jubah in blue colour that I have in my collection. But, I did buy a new khimar in light blue colour for the ceremony…:)

And thanks a lot to my mother, because she went to Indonesia (I couldn’t remember which part of the country that she went for her vacation that time) to buy this khimar…:)

So, yes. That was my outfit of the day. The jubah is an old jubah from Calaqisya. I really love this kind of jubah.

Congratulations Ahmad Rafiuddin. Finally, you have become someone’s fiancee. Somehow, I couldn’t believe that my baby brother, my youngest brother is this big already. Tidak lama lagi akan kahwin and akan ada family sendiri. Hahaha, terasa Mama sangat tua sangat…T___T

Insya Allah, bakal adik ipar perempuan yang baru from my family side. Welcome Syahirah, to this crazy and loud family…:) She looked so beautiful on that day.

A family potrait from our family. Apabila tengok adik bongsu bertunang, rasa sangat cepatnya masa berlalu. Anyway, to my youngest brother, I have always prayed that you will lead a happy and bright life ahead. Jangan lupa Allah dalam apa jua keadaan kita. Bimbinglah family dengan baik. Be a good person. And always be a good servant to Allah.

Insya Allah, apabila adik bongsu Mama berkahwin nanti, jika diberi masa dan peluang, Mama akan update dalam blog Mama ini. Doakan semoga keluarga kami sentiasa dirahmati Allah. Dan Mama doakan juga semua pembaca blog Mama sentiasa di bawah Rahmat Allah selalu.


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