Majlis Ulangtahun Syarikat Singapore 2014 – Day 1

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

Another huge achievement for Top Leaders Circle. Once again, our top mentor, Crown Diamond Manager Al-Faath dipilih untuk menjadi speaker mewakili syarikat, bagi memberi kata-kata semangat dan menjadi inspirasi buat usahawan yang bernaung di bawah Syarikat Hai-O Marketing Sdn. Bhd. di Singapore. It’s not easy to be selected as a speaker representing the company, as the company will select the speaker based on the achievements of the speaker himself.

It was the first time of everything. The first time the company held the anniversary celebration in Singapore, and it was my first time, menjejakkan kaki ke Singapore, untuk memberi sokongan kepada group kami, Top Leaders Circle dan juga kepada mentor kami, CDM Abang Al-Faath.

And this time around, memang kami perlu arrange sendiri all the transportation and the accommodation while we were there. Alhamdulillah, one of our friends in Top Leaders Circle, CDM Nur Fadzliah telah pun booking a home stay for most of us di Larkin. Basically, we were planning to stay 1 night in Johor, a night before the event, and go back to Kuala Lumpur the next day, after the event.

So, on Friday, 5th of December 2014, Jaja, Aida and I went for a trip to Johor. Jaja drove her car all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Johor. Basically, Mama dengan Aida, menumpang Jaja untuk ke sana. By the way, Jaja and Aida are my friends in this business.

Majlis Ulangtahun Singapore - 2We were ready for our trip. Masa ini, Jaja was on the phone, sebab on our way to Johor, Jaja needed to make a stop at Melaka, to deliver 1 set of Bio Velocity Sleep Mate to her customer in Melaka.

Thank you sangat to Jaja, sebab sudi drive. She’s such a strong lady, I must say. Muka tidak penat langsung untuk drive. And sangat-sangat bersabar.

So, once we have arrived in Johor, we went to the home stay that Nur have booked for us. And surprisingly, the home stay is not what we have expected. Seriously. So, we made a decision to stay in the nearest hotel. And we’ve found out that Hotel Seri Malaysia still has available rooms to stay for 1 night. So, we went to the hotel, and we got a room at second floor.

Majlis Ulangtahun Singapore - 1Muka happy sebab dapat tidur bilik hotel. Seriously, masa ini badan memang agak penat and mengantuk like hell, but, Alhamdulillah, everything was okay at this time.

Later on, we’ve found out, that there is no lift available for us to get to the second floor. Sila menangis. So, dengan heels bagai, dengan beg besar, we all menapak naik tangga ke second floor, menuju ke bilik we all.

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

We’ve had dinner, shower, and finally, it was our time to sleep. There is much more dramas happened on the second day. So, stay tuned…:)

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