I believe ramai yang sudah menonton movie ‘Maleficent’ kan? The new movie where Angelina Jolie became the villain.

Maleficent - 6The promotional poster.

Maleficent is a 2014 dark fantasy adventure film directed by Robert Stromberg from a screenplay written by Linda Woolverton. Starring Angelina Jolie as the eponymous Disney villainess character, the film is a live-action re-imagining of Walt Disney’s 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty, and portrays the story from the perspective of the antagonist, Maleficent. Source taken:

Maleficent - 7 Maleficent - 14Maleficent with her strong wings.

Basically, this movie is all about Maleficent, who started as a good fairy then become the villain as we all know in ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The villain who cursed Princess Aurora when she was a baby.

Maleficent - 8 Maleficent - 9The beautiful young Princess Aurora. Her smiles really melt my heart. So beautiful.

Maleficent - 4Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. The actor for the prince is so-so. After all, this film is all about the villain.

What I love about this movie is the twisted story line. It does follow the original story line in Sleeping Beauty, but, the ending was a bit different. And oh my, Angeline Jolie really did a good job in portraying Maleficent. I think, somehow, the character Maleficent is designed based on her features, even though Sleeping beauty is an old cartoon movie.

Maleficent - 17Perfect looking.

Maleficent - 16I just love her make up in this scene. Her red lips are perfect and are to die-for. Simply stunningly beautiful.

Maleficent - 15Maleficent before she became the villain. Angelina Jolie really does portray the character very well. Maleficent is one strong character.

Maleficent - 10Her sadness and her pain when she found out that she lost her strong wings. I can feel her pain in this movie.

Maleficent - 2This scene is so classic. The moment where Maleficent placed the curse on Princess Aurora.

MALEFICENTThis scene is too cute. And did you know that the child actress in this scene is Angelina Jolie’s own daughter? I’ve never knew that. But, I seriously love this scene. It really does show how Maleficent really care for the young princess.

Maleficent - 3Her sadness while watching Princess Aurora.

Maleficent - 1The classic moment of Sleeping Beauty.

Disney's MALEFICENTShe’s indeed the Sleeping Beauty. She even looks so beautiful while sleeping.

This is my first time where I love a movie that does not have any handsome actors in it. But, I do love Angelina Jolie as the heroine in this movie.

Maleficent - 5 Maleficent - 11The only actor that I think is pretty good-looking. I indeed love his character as the right hand of Maleficent in this movie.

So, overall, I do enjoy this movie so much. In case you haven’t watched the movie yet, go watch it…:)

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