Our First Guest

In my previous entry, I did mention about moving to our new house.

We have moved again. To our real house. Our house. Yeay!

The view from the front of our house. We still haven’t installed the motor for the automatic gate. So, for the time being, kena tolak dan tarik secara manual terlebih dahulu.

We’ve moved to this house 2 days before Ramadhan. Hahaha! Nasib baik barang-barang dari rumah lama tidak banyak yang unpack. So, memang senang untuk hendak berpindah.

And of course, I would like to invite my business partners as our first few guests of the house. So, I did invite them during our first small open house. Open house lah sangat. It’s just a small gathering. Ada makan-makan as well.

As usual, what is a gathering to us, if not having a small meeting, right? Berbincang apa lagi yang boleh kami buat, untuk sama-sama bantu naikkan business kami. It’s a usual routine for us. Berkumpul sambil berbincang. Insya Allah, masih banyak benda yang kami perlu improve as a group.

It was my first time cooking for more than 5 people. Haha! I should have pat myself for doing it successfully. *Pat myself*

When I first got married, I have never thought that one day, we would own a house. Back then, I have never thought that I will move to Kedah and live here. Since I have been living in Shah Alam back then, we’ve thought that houses are really expensive in Shah Alam. To own a decent house, you must at least earn RM10,000 or even RM20,000 monthly to be comfortable. And who knew, dengan business Premium Beautiful, you can actually earn extra RM5,000 up to RM10,000 (or even more) dengan secara online sahaja.

Personally for me, you should own a house whenever you can. As early as possible. Don’t spend too much of your money on anything that isn’t going to last. Buy a house instead. So that you’ll be much more responsible with your financial.

And finally, we’ve owned a house. We’ve found a decent semi-detached house with 3 rooms. At a decent location, where mostly are Malays. Alhamdulillah. The best part of this location? It is very near to a mosque…:) And I love how that we have our own laman. That we can park more 2 cars di dalam laman rumah. That my husband can finally do his bercucuk tanam (even though he hasn’t started on anything yet).

I still don’t know whether this is the best house for all of us. But, all I can say is, Alhamdulillah. Allah sebaik-baik perancang. And every morning, when I wake up, all I can say is, “Alhamdulillah, dapat tidur lena di dalam bilik sendiri.” Insya Allah, hari demi hari, kita upgrade selagi mampu.

There is not much furniture in the house. Only those what we need at this moment. Some people love to decorate their houses with furniture. But, as for me, I love to keep everything simple and minimal. So that my mind tidak serabut. Since I am the one who do all the cleanings in the house.

My favourite area in this house. The kitchen. The kitchen area is so big. And finally my pinggan mangkuk have their own places. Can you see the tetingkap at the left? That is Inas’s favourite spot in this house.

Thank you so much to all my business partners who have came that day. Alhamdulillah, sambil berkumpul, berbincang, dapat juga makan-makan. I felt great that I can cook for these amazing kakak-kakak. Perhaps, I’ll do this makan-makan as a monthly routine? Insya Allah.

So, another personal achievement unlock. Insya Allah, more personal achievements to achieve after this. Kehidupan adalah satu perjuangan. Teruskan perjuangan. Teruskan mencapai segala impian. Doakan semoga kehidupan kami di sini, semakin tenang. Semakin rapat dengan Allah.

Insya Allah, kita akan bertemu lagi pada entry akan datang. Thank you for reading this entry.

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