Private Function With Dior

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

This happened recently. Sebenarnya, my mentor, CDM Kak Salha Zain telah menerima satu invitation from Dior untuk hadir ke private function with them. Just to check out their latest collection. The event was held on 12th of August 2014, Tuesday, bertempat di Dior, Starhill Gallery. The event started at 2.00 p.m.

Dior Event - 4 Dior Event - 3Masa on the way ke Starhill Gallery, sempat lagi ‘selfie’ I did my own make up. And my favourite part of the make up? The Cozuma Lipstick, of course. I love this lipstick, sebab tekstur nya yang matte, but langsung tidak mengeringkan. And the colour is so gorgeous.

Dior Event - 1The powerful leaders and mentors in Top Leaders Circle, at the event with Dior, Starhill Gallery. I am wearing a jumpsuit, dipadankan dengan Topshop jacket and gold plate belt. And I am wearing a grey Duck Scarves shawl.

Dior Event - 6After looking at the whole collection of Dior, I totally am in love with this. Currently, the price for this handbag is nearly up to RM20k. Sila bekerja keras lagi, Izyan, kalau betul-betul hendak beli handbag ini.

Dior Event - 5After the event, we decided untuk ke Louis Vuitton untuk checking out any lastest collection from them. And here I am together with beloved mentor, CDM Kak Salha Zain yang sedang sarat mengandung 7 bulan.

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:) Memang a bit terasa teruja dengan this small event, sebab this was my second tima rasanya dapat pergi private function with designer labels. Insya Allah, kalau ada peluang lagi, mesti akan dapat hadir ke these kind of events.

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2 thoughts on “Private Function With Dior

    • Yes, my dear. Kalau sesekali dapat pergi event macam nie memang seronok. Ada orang layan kita, pamper kita. And we get to see some of their latest collections as well.
      And the best of it? To dress up…:)

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