Projek Jahit Mesin – 1

As I’ve written in this entry, I’ve picked another hobby, which is sewing. Since this month is my birthday month, I would love to share with all of you what my mother has gotten for me.

Tadaa~~ A new sewing machine for me. It’s not a brand new though. A rarely used, second-hand sewing machine. My mother bought it from someone else, for my birthday…:)

As I have mentioned before, I didn’t know how to use / operate a sewing machine. And I didn’t attend any sewing classes before. So, everything that I will be sharing with you onward, are self-taught. So, do forgive me if my sewing is not nice. If I sew it wrongly. I am still in the middle of learning process. I still have so much to learn about using this sewing machine, about sewing using a sewing machine, how to maneuver my sewing techniques and others.

So, please pardon my mistakes…:)

One of my personal projects this year, to transform any unused / unloved garments into something that my children can wear. So, instead of buying brand new fabrics for my sewing projects, I keep on searching any old garments that I / my family has so that I can recycle the fabrics.

It turned out that my father had lots and lots of old garments. Shirts and pants he no longer could wear. And most of the old garments are still in good condition. So, I’ve decided to take some of them, and turn them into new garments for my children.

For my first Projek Jahit Mesin, I’ve been looking this fabric pattern for quite some time. So, when I’ve found out that my father has this pattern in form of a men’s shirt, I quickly took it. I always imagine this pattern to be a pair of pants for Inas.

The fabric is nice for a pair of pants. It’s a durable fabric.

One of the lesson that I’ve learned while transforming any old garments into something else, is to always, always plan ahead. Always, carefully plan. You need to plan, which area to be what and so forth.

In this case, I’ve realised in the beginning, that the length is not enough for Inas’s height. But, I was thinking that I can attach / sew the balance of the length after I’ve finished sewing the pants. Which I definitely was completely wrong. You need to attach / sew the balance of the fabrics in the beginning. You have to have the desired length in the beginning of the process.

So, if you need to sew them, sew them first. Before you decide to cut them following the pattern of the pants.

Or else, you’ll end up like the above picture. So, always plan carefully before cutting the fabric.

But, since Inas like the ‘rambu-ramba’ at the hem of the pants, so, yes, it’s forgiven.

Of course, I need to sew a pair of pants for Syahir as well. But, this time, I knew what to do. I sew the balance of the length first. I’ve learned my mistakes.

So, my second project turned out nice…:)

I did not take any picture of the before, which was a men’s shirt as well. The fabric is light enough to be a casual pants for Syahir. For the hem and the waistband, I took the belance fabric from the first proejct.

And of course, Syahir loves it very much. He wears it consistently…:)

For my third project, I want a simple blouse for Inas. So, I’ve decided to transform one of the men’s shirt (again) into a blouse.

It turned out quite nice. Except the neck is too wide for Inas…^^;; I’ve put an elastic at the waist and keep the front buttons.

One of the challenging part of this project is sewing the underarm. It always pucker. Since I am just a beginner, I get frustrated easily. In above picture, it was my third time sewing (after twice of buka balik jahitan) the underarm. Still, I have a long way to go. Learning the techniques and improving my skills.

So, these are some of the projects that have been done by using the sewing machine. I still have lots of projects, so, Insya Allah, I’ll be sharing more and more projects once completed.

So, I’ll be seeing all of you in the next entry…:)

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