Santai Raya Bersama Top Leaders Circle (TLC)

The day that we decided to have our Raya celebration, CDM Kak Salha called me and said, “Izyan, malam ini awak jadi MC yer?”

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 3Santai Raya with us.

And as simple as that, that night, I became the MC for our own first ‘Santai Raya Bersama Top Leaders Circle (TLC)’

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 7Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 11Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 6Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 4Thank you CDM Kak Salha Zain for appointing me as the MC of the night.

It was fun and very relaxing. We hanged out together, ate kuih Raya, laughed out together, had karaoke session and so many more. And along the way of the night, our lovely CDM Kak Lily Jasmin, my beloved idol in this business, presented her speech regarding the introduction of TLC. Basically, in a very relaxing way, she explained, who is TLC, what is our principles, our hala tuju and all. Thank you, CDM Kak Lily for your brilliant presentation.

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 5Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 2

Alhamdulillah, syukur. The event went very well, event though it was a last-minute plan. TLC memang suka buat event last minute. Barulah rasa ada cabaran sikit. Hehehe…:)

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 8With my business partner, Ismalina Ishak yang sedang sarat pregnant.

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 9Team Fabulosity.

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 10

And we ended the night with singing Lagu Raya together.

Santai Raya Bersama TLC - 1

So, want to be part of TLC? Travel around the world and making serious income with TLC? Just contact me for more details.

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