Short Vacation In Gold Coast, Morib

It was our first time going to Gold Coast, Morib. Selalu Mama dengar orang lain bercerita, pergi bercuti di Gold Coast, Morib. And apa yang Mama selalu dengar, di Gold Coast, Morib ada water theme park, eh? So, personally, Mama rasa, it’s a perfect holiday destination for our family, since Syahir memang suka mandi di swimming pool.

My mother had suggested to have a short vacation in Gold Coast, Morib, together, as a family. So, yes, we all semua pergi together. My parents, my family, my sister’s family, and my 2 brothers went for a short vacation together on 27th of June 2017, on our third day of Syawal for this year.

Kemain kan Mama? Hahaha! Since Mama pernah kena alergic disebabkan sunburn a few months back, memang Mama agak extra careful kalau hendak keluar berjalan-jalan. Sunscreen, hats, mesti kena ada kalau hendak pergi bercuti.

Sudah sampai Gold Coast Morib Resort. Perjalanan hanya mengambil masa dalam lebih kurang 1 jam with normal kelajuan. Alhamdulillah, cuaca pun elok sahaja. Not too hot, and tidak hujan. And seriously, bercuti ketika tengah public holiday, memang resort ini sangat penuh. So, you all kalau betul hendak datang Gold Coast, Morib ini, boleh plan carefully. Sebab selalunya, memang weekend and public holiday, harga agak tinggi and memang ramai orang….T____T

Since we’ve arrived at almost lunchtime, so while waiting for our rooms to be readied, we went to have our lunch at the restaurant in the resort. The price was quite expensive (what did you expect? It was a hotel’s price, of course…T__T), and the foods were okay. Kalau you all rajin, actually ada a few restaurants or kedai makan tepi jalan di luar resort. Since we all kind of malas, memang makan dalam resort sahaja.

After lunch. Still, while waiting for our room to be readied. Since ada games arena di sebelah restaurant, we all decided to let the children played for a while. Untuk games seperti Syahir main di dalam gambar ini, the rate is RM10 for 15 minutes. Not bad. Boleh lah hendak main sambil menunggu bilik siap.

My parents book a penthouse in the resort for 1 night. It has 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. It also has a living hall, a dining table and kitchen as well. Which is suitable for us, since we were bringing our own foods (that were frozen, of course), and electric cooker as well. The most interesting part about this penthouse is the spacious balcony. I love the view, and it faces the beach. Unfortunately, pantai sedang surut ketika kami sampai di sana. So, yes, the view was kind of uninteresting to look at.

But, when at night, bila air pasang, and you can hear the waves, it was really calm…:)

Tidak berapa pasti kenapa muka Syahir macam tue. Susah sangat hendak ambil a decent picture of these two cheeky angels.

The main event. Of course we came here to play at the water theme park. Haha!! We were given paper bracelets for each of us so that we can enter the theme park area. And seriously, memang ramai sangat orang. But, masih ada space untuk main air. Hahah!!

And jangan pula pakai Premium Beautiful kalau hendak main pool ya. Nanti rosak fabrik Premium Beautiful…T____T

Memang Mama sudah lama tidak main air. So, memang jakun sekejap. Syahir memang hantu main air. So, memang payah hendak keep up with him. Sebab he kept on tarik one of us, or one of the uncles (which are my brothers, of course) untuk main slides and any other attractions inside the theme park.

And Inas? Well, being a princess, memang asyik menjerit jer lah. Penakut sungguh. Haha!!

The above picture is from Mr. Google…:) But, yes, reality is almost the same as the picture, except with a crowd of people.

That night, we’ve only heated up our frozen foods. Basically, lauk pauk yang my mother sudah masak siap-siap. Memang macam makan di rumah. Ada lauk masak lemak, ayam goreng, ikan bawal goreng and nasi putih. After a session in the theme park, bila dapat makan nasi dengan lauk ikan goreng pun sudah cukup menyelerakan.

The next day, we’ve had the breakfast in the resort. The choices of food, boleh lah. Tidak berapa banyak pilihan. Ada nasi lemak, mee goreng and cereals. And of course, the children and my brothers pergi sambung main air di dalam theme park.

We’ve checked out at 11 in the morning. Overall, the stay was enjoyable. Untuk a short vacation, like 1 night, it’s enough for us. Memang aktivitinya akan main air sahaja lah.

Do check out this place if you haven’t been there. It’s a good place if you want to stay away from the city, but not too far from the city. Since tempat ini memang dalam area pinggir bandar, so, 1 night pun sudah mencukupi.

Okay, that’s all from me. Insya Allah, kita akan berjumpa lagi untuk next entry.

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