Sketch #1

It has been a while. No. Let me rephrase it. It has been too long.

The last year when I was really into drawing, back when I was 23 years old? Or 24 years old? It has been that long. 10 years.

I was into drawing back when I was in secondary school. Memang menggila melukis. And at that time, I was introduced to manga and comic books. My first manga was ‘Sailormoon’ (no surprise there…>_<) and I’ve read some comic books from Hong Kong as well. Such as ‘Alam Perwira, Pedang Setiawan and many more.

Later, it became an obsession. I’ve collected Sailormoon, Dragon Ball (Mutiara Naga) and some of Alam Perwira. Haha!

And this comic books inspired me to draw. My drawing is not realistic, but more like cartoon-ish? Is that even a word? ^^;;

So, I’ve been drawing characters from Sailormoon for a while. Most of them are my imaginations. And I kept on drawing when I’ve entered my university years.

And I’ve stopped drawing when I’ve started working. Why? No reason. Probably because I was busy making money? Busy getting married and making a family? Hahah!

And 10 years after that, I’ve picked up this old hobby again. I bought a new set of colour pencils. I’ve never been good in coloring (even drawing), but, I think I’ve always wanted to try something new for myself.

When I bought these colour pencils, memang rambang mata. So many new brands, so many to choose from. 12, 24, 36, 48. Oh my, my. So, I’ve decided to go with the brand that I am familiar with and I bought the 24 version. A bit more than 12, but not as many as 36 and 48, I guess.

You see, I am not good in colouring, as I’ve said earlier. I’m not good in drawing either. It’s just and old hobby. After 10 years, So, when I wanted to start to draw, my mind became blank. I don’t know what to draw. I’ve wanted to draw Sailormoon, any Sailomoon characters. But as I started to draw, I’ve erased it. And I draw again. I erase it again.

I draw something else. I erase it. Again.

I browse some pictures for inspiration in Pinterest. Start to draw again. And I erase it again. At one point, eraser has became my best friend. Very fast.

And finally, I’ve came out with this simple drawing, as my sketch #1. A very simple one.

Nothing too fancy. Why the scarf is blue in colour? Because Inas was wearing the same colour of of her dress while I was drawing this.

I still have a long way to go. I’ve considered myself, way below than an amateur….T_____T But then, I was so happy, that I’ve finally picked up this old hobby, after a long time. I am so happy that I’ve finally done something for myself. I have so many things to draw. But, let’s just see where my mind actually goes.

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