Sketch #2 & Sketch #3

Allahu. I’ve been meaning to update this blog, but, as usual, life has been keeping me busy. As always…:( But, I’m trying my best to keep up with the updates, Insya Allah.

My last post was about me picked up an old hobby, which is drawing. And today’s post, still, is about my latest drawings. Truthfully, I am still new to this hobby, considering that I left this hobby many, many years ago. So, I am still finding my style.

For the time being, I only allow one day for me, to sit down and draw a complete drawing. And so far, I really love fashion, and I am into fashion illustrator. Of course I am really bad in fashion designing. Haha!

I’ve watched various videos in YouTube, how to draw figures and to illustrate fashion in a drawing. I really love this one YouTuber, named Zoe Hong. You can search her name in YouTube. She’s not that famous (if you are saying that a YouTuber is famous when she has 1 million subscribers), but, she has great contents about fashion illustrations and fashion designing in her YouTube account. I’ve learned a lot about drawing fashion figures through her YouTube videos.

Still, I am much, much lower than an amatur. I still need to practise more in drawing.

So, last week, here’s my sketch.

I was quite satisfied with this drawing. I love the pose, I love the outfit and I love the colour as well. This drawing is much inspired from my daughter, Inas Lutfiyah. And a bit of from my favourite character in Sailormoon, Rei Hino (Sailor Mars). I still need to practise more in drawing faces.

This is this week’s drawing. My sketch number 3. I am not too sure how do I feel about this drawing. For sure, I am not satisfied. Because of the pose, maybe? I still need to work on the pose, and still, on the face. I have a long way to go in drawing. This drawing is much inspired from a character in Sailormoon, which is Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter). I want to draw her, wear in green outfit. Perhaps, I should draw her wearing a skirt, maybe?

One day, when my skill is much improved than today, maybe I’ll re-draw this drawing. On another note, I think, I want to get myself a white gel pen. And a gold gel pen as well. I have a lot of fashions that I want to put in my drawings. But of course, I need to practise more.

As Zoe Hong, the YouTuber that I’ve been watching a lot recently, said that, she’s made of practise, not magic. Meaning that, if you have the talent, you need to practise more and more to sharpen your skills.

Insya Allah, I’ll practise more. I’m planning to put up every sketch that I’ve drawn in my blog. So, yes, till we meet in the next entry, Insya Allah. Thank you so much for reading this entry…:)

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