Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser Review

Have you heard an Australian brand called Sukin before? I haven’t. But, while I was looking for a new facial moisturiser for my sensitive skin, I’ve found this one.

So, let me tell you a bit about my current skin condition. Ever since, I’ve found out that I have eczema (which is no surprise at all since I do have asthma since birth. Eczema and asthma has always been related to each other, and fall under the category of Inflammation), I’ve started to track my skin condition daily. I do have certain foods that I have to avoid, based on doctor’s recommendation and because of I have allergic reaction to it.

Only recently, I’ve found out that my eczema is actually flare up each time during the changing cycle of my hormone. My eczema would start to appear the most during the week 3 and 4 of my hormone cycle. And it would almost completely clear during my period cycle.

There are many ways to counter eczema. Normally, people would go for medication such as antihistamines and ointments. Others would prefer natural remedies.

I was always frustrated with my skin back then. Because I’ve had no idea why the eczema would flare up even though I was taking precautions. But nowadays, when I’ve started to learn a bit of eczema, a bit about how to counter it, about my hormone, I’ve started to accept it.

Nowadays, I always think, my eczema is a blessing in a disguise. Why? Because I’ve started to take care of what I eat, what I put inside my body and what I put onto my face. I’ve started to eat a lot of vegetables and real foods. Mostly, I cook the meals so that I know what I eat daily. I am much careful to choose foods outside. Of course I haven’t completely gone to gluten-free and all. It’s just that, I take foods moderately where it should be and I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Do my eczema flare down? A bit. It’s controllable nowadays compared to back then when it was so pedih and itchy. My journey to counter eczema and be eczema-free is still far from complete. Insya Allah, I am still learning, and I have so much to learn…:)

Anyway, back to the facial moisturiser. This brand claimed to be:

  • No Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Animal Derivatives
  • No Harsh Detergents
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Triethanolamine
  • No Mineral Oils
  • No EDTA
  • No Parabens

Some of the main ingredients of this facial moisturiser are Rosehip Oil, Sesame Oil and Jojoba Oil. Which are good for sensitive skin.

Full description of this product can be found here.

So, it must be good for someone who is having problem, prone to allergic and sensitive skin like me, right?

When I first tried it, which was a month ago, I was afraid that it might cause the eczema to flare up. But, the moment I put onto my face, I didn’t have any tingling feel to it. So, it must be okay to use, since I always have allergic reaction to certain products when I feel any tingling sensation right after applying it to my face.

So, okay to use. Check.

Does it hydrate enough for a dry and sensitive skin? When you are having eczema flare up, your skin will always be dry, tight and needs constant hydration. This moisturiser is fast absorbed, which is good. But, during my eczema flare up, I need to re-apply this moisturiser at least 4-5 times daily, depending on my skin condition. Because applying twice daily like a normal moisturiser would not be good enough for my skin.

When my skin is in a good condition, applying this moisturiser twice daily is enough for my skin.

So, hydration is good for my skin, only when my skin is in a good condition.

What I love about this facial moisturiser is, it doesn’t cost you a bomb. And how it is easily available at Guardian Store. I bought this only at RM35, which is quite cheap. A bottle contains 125 ml, which is quite a lot for a facial moisturiser. This brand does carry a few of other products in the same sensitive range, which I’ve yet to try.

So, price wise? Fair and doesn’t cost a lot. Easily available at Guardian Store. Check.

Other than that, the most important is, this facial moisturiser doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and really gentle to the sensitive skin.

Overall, after a month of using this facial moisturiser, I am happy to say, it has became one of my favourite moisturisers, so far. I’ve already purchased a second bottle of this moisturiser. So, it’s safe to say, I’ll be using this facial moisturiser for a quite sometime, before deciding to change to a new brand…:)

So, for those who are having skin issue similar to mine, and are scared to spend a lot of money into a skincare that you are not sure whether it will work on your skin or not, then you can check out on this brand. Perhaps, you’ll find one that is suitable for your skin.

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