Free Trip To Holland And Belgium: 11 ~ 17 April 2012 (Fifth Day)

Final day.

Untuk hari kelima, basically is our journey backt to Malaysia. In the morning, checked out from the hotel, and pergi ke Schipol Airport, Amsterdam. Di sana, we all settled our tax refunds claim. Basically, we all kena lined up, ambil chop at our forms and lepas itu baru boleh claim cash money. Kalau tak mahu claim cash money, boleh isi credit card number and just masukkan forms tersebut dalam peti yang disediakan. Within 2 days, these people akan kembalikan tax refund and credit masuk dalam credit card.

Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 1

Sedang menunggu untuk boarding. The flight berlepas at 12.00 tengahari and it took 13 hours of journey.

Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 2

Alhamdulillah, syukur. Souvenirs for family members and friends, and tidak lupa juga to all my dear business partners.

Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 3

Hadiah birthday from the company and souvenirs, also from the company for all the qualifiers.

Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 4Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 5Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 6Trip To Belgium And Holland - Day 5 - 7

My first Louis Vuitton. It’s Palermo, if you are wondering.

Alhamdulillah, syukur. That’s the end of my writings on my recent trip to Holland and Belgium. What can I say? I’m so much in love with this business, because of the incentives that I can get from it. 3 kali melancong setahun secara percuma, Tabung Kereta, incomes and so much more.

While other people are still judging about this business, other people are making money from it. And Alhamdulillah, syukur, this business banyak membantu family Mama dari kewangan and others. And I hope. this business can be your solution to your financial problems, Insya Allah.

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