Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel - 3

The movie was awesome. Everything was awesome.

I won’t tell much about the storyline, as everyone basically knows what the movie is all about. It tells the story of our hero, Clark Kent, or Kal-El (his real name, given by his biological parents) continue to live his life, when he found out about his super power, keep on searching about his real identity before the event of him becoming a journalist in Daily Planet took place.

Aaaahhh, how can I not love this movie. Being like a little girl, I was like screaming in my heart throughout the movie. Yes, this Superman is really handsome, I’ve warned you. This Superman stole my heart and soul. This Superman has the best smile ever. You should see him when he smiles, aaaiisshhhh, terus cair hati ini.

Man Of Steel - 1

And I love the character of Lois Lane. She’s so beautiful and brave…:)

One of the lines that I’ve picked up while watching the movie: “To know what is your strength, you must keep on pushing your limit.”

The best line, ever.

And there’s one funny line, where Lois Lane asked about the symbol of S on his suit (Oh dear, the suit make him  even sexier…^^;;). And being a Superman, he replied, the symbol means ‘hope’ according back to his planet. And Lois Lane simply replied, “Here, it means an S (or should I say an A**). That’s funny…:)

Man Of Steel - 4

I know this is going to be another trilogy. Can’t wait for more Man Of Steels and the sexy suits, the hot smile, the good looking, and many more…:)

Go watch the movie, if you haven’t watched the movie.

Man Of Steel - 2He’s very handsome, isn’t he?

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