Little Caliph Batu Tiga (Shah Alam) Sports Day 2015

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:)

I am so sorry, sebab Mama lambat sangat upload this entry. This is a very backdated entry.

Alhamdulillah, I would love to share this entry, berkaitan dengan Syahir experienced his first sports day. Somehow, it was so much fun seeing little angels running around during the sports day.

The sports day of Little Caliph Batu Tiga (Shah Alam) was held back in April 25th, 2015 (Saturday). Yes, I know….T______________T I took a very long time to really have the time to transfer the pictures to my computer and really sit down and to write down this entry. Hopefully, this entry will cheer you guys up, as I’ve had so much fun, playing sports with Syahir.

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 4Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 2Syahir was having his meal, provided by the teachers of Little Caliph. As you can see in the picture, Syahir was placed in the ‘Red’ group.

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 3A picture of me on that day. The parents are excouraged to wear the same colour as their children’s group. So, basically, I wore red on that day. I did not put any make up on, because I know that later on, I’ll be playing with Syahir in one of the games. So, basically, that was my bare face. I know I look a bit pucat, but, Alhamdulillah, I have finally achieved a much more clear skin. I think I must be thankful to BBPlus Collagen that I have been consuming for years. A good basic skincare is a must as well, and I have been keeping a very simple skincare routine.

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 5Ayah tiada baju berwarna merah, so basically, he wore orange…T___T

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 7The parade show. These little angels are so cute and adorable. Some of them are really smart. My Syahir? He’s like in the middle…^^;; If you call him from afar, he will be like, “Ha?” T____T

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 6The Red Group. I seriously have no idea what they were representing about…T____T

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 8After the parade show, there were a performance from these little angels. And Syahir participated in that performance. Looking at him perform his dance routine for that special performance really made me proud of him. Because basically he can remember the steps. Hahahahaha…:)

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 10The Taekwando performance from these little angels.

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 9Syahir was having a break before the real games started. Berlagak tidak mahu lihat camera…^^;;

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 12And the games, that involved the parents have started. I was laughing like hell, watching all those funny moments between the parents and the children.

Little Caliph Sports Day 2015 - 1Yeayyy!!! Red Group won for the third place. Good job Syahir, walaupun basically, Mama yang jawab semua soalan Syahir…T___________T

Thank you so much to all the teachers yang sabar sangat dalam mendidik Syahir. I know my child is not that bright compared to others, but, sabarnya teachers di Little Caliph mendidik Syahir, sehinggakan now, Syahir sudah pandai membaca and pandai menulis, walaupun masih belum betul-betul cekap.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. We’ve had so much fun during the sports day. And tahun ini merupakan tahun terakhir Syahir berada di Little Caliph, as he will be entering his Standard 1 next year. Haishhh, sudah besar anak Mama seorang ini. He grows up too fast.

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:) Everything went well on that day. I believe, no one is injured during this sports day. So, I’ll be seeing you guys in the next entry, Insya Allah. Love you guys so much!

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