Imagination. Dream. Hope.

Imagination. Dream. Hope.

When I started this business, 4 years back, it was only purely for money. Bukan hendak menjadi kaya, bukan untuk drive kereta mewah, bukan hendak travel around the world and bukan untuk apa-apa pun. Purely, I want extra money, so that bolehlah kalau hendak buat saving.

That’s all.

Then, when I stepped into this business, I’ve learned that, you may achieve anything that you want, of course, dengan keizinan Allah S.W.T. jua.

Over the years, dalam hendak menuju apa yang Mama hendak in this business, I’ve seen my mentor’s success, one by one.

Kak Salha travels around the world. Switzerland, London, Paris, China, Korea, Australia and lots more.

Kak Salha drives a stunning BMW 3-series. And recently, a very handsome, brand new Mercedes Benz E Class.

Kak Salha earns 5-6-figures income monthly.

And recently, she sent her parents for Umrah with her own money from this business.

My mentor always says that, your mentor is your future. What you mentor achieves, you will achieve it someday. And I would always hold on to that.

Until one day.

Mercedes BenzMy first ever, Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes Benz B-Class - 1This picture was taken by my mentor. She’s the first person that I’ve showed this car, after my parents. Thank you Kak Salha. I don’t think I can do this, be success, drive my own luxury car, kalau tanpa bimbingan Kak Salha. You were there for my group, through thick and thin. Hanya Allah S.W.T. sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik Kak Salha.

Mercedes Benz B-Class - 2With my protege, Kartini Omar yang selalu tumpang balik dari kelas sebab arah rumah kami sama.

Who knows right? Allah knows best for all of us. Daripada bermula dengan hanya hendakkan extra income RM1000 sebulan, and now, this shining Mr. Benz is finally mine. I could only cry. Thank you, Allah.

So, don’t be afraid to dream. Dream big. Dream higher. Imagine that someday you will be someone famous. Imagine that you travel around the world, with style. Imagination will bring you forward.

Imagination. Dream. Hope. May everyone achieve their dreams today. Start your action, hold onto your dreams and your hopes. And pray to Allah S.W.T.

Mercedes Benz B-Class - 3You can be anyone, anywhere you want to be, with a little dream and imagination. And start taking action!

Good luck, everyone!

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