Women Empowered Network 2014

Alhamdulillah, syukur.

It was an overdue post, but here goes. Alhamdulillah, syukur, my proteges and I were invited to a special program called ‘Women Empowered Network 2014. It was held by Sekretariat Inovasi Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Malaysia, Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Malaysia. The special event was held on 16th of June 2014 at Pullman Hotel & Resort, Putrajaya.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 1Basically, the event was held to talk and discuss about the empowerment of women in Malaysia. They even had a discussion between the audiences and the panels. The details of the discussion are:

  • Topic: Educating Women Changing The Nation
  • Moderator: Dato’ Hajah Khasnoor Haji Abdul Khalid
  • Panel 1: Prof. Datin Paduka Datuk Dr. Hajah Ramlah Binti Adam
  • Panel 2: Prof. Madya Dr. Madeline Berma

Alhamdulillah, syukur…:) It was a good event for all of us, women. To educate us that we have the same power, even greater power to change people around us, or even a nation, one day. You just have to confident, be brave a move forward.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 2The table.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 3Mama selalu percaya, wanita adalah sangat kuat. Bukan pada fizikal, tetapi pada spiritual dan pada semangatnya. Wanita yang kuat semangatnya, mampu mengatasi apa sahaja. Wanita yang kuat semangatnya, mampu memberi inspirasi kepada ramai wanita lain di luar sana. Just look at our mothers. Our mothers are very strong. Strong at heart. Strong at their own minds. Strong in spirit.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 4Memang wajib kena selfie, especially with all of my proteges yang dapat hadir pada malam tersebut.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 5A picture of us together after the event.

And lastly, thanks a lot to my protege, Ismalina Ishak for the special invitation.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 6What I wore on that night. A simple, plain red dress by Nawy Aris Creations and a plain, deep red satin long shawl.

Women Empowered Network 2014 - 7The souvenirs that we get from the event. Thank you so much to the organizer for these lovely souvenirs…:)

Insya Allah, we, as a woman, we have the power. We are strong. Believe that!

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