Warm Bodies

Hari ini Mama hendak buat entry about my latest favourite film which is……….

Warm Bodies - 1WARM BODIES.

Actually, Mama found out about this movie through Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel last year. At that time, during Halloween, Michelle Phan transformed her boyfriend into a zombie, based on Warm Bodies zombie’s character named R. So, just imagined how long did I wait for this to come out in Malaysia?

Warm Bodies - 2R and Julie. Sort of macam Romeo and Juliet.

Anyway, I am sure most of you have already watched this movie, right? Personally, I super love this movie. I love the characters, the plot and of course their love story. Somehow, I think a love story between a living human girl and a zombie is kind of sweet. Berbunga-bunga hati Mama masa Mama tengok movie ini.

Warm Bodies - 3R, with his best friend, M. Discussing to go to the city to hunt humans.

Warm Bodies - 4The moment when R met Julie for the first time.

Warm Bodies - 5R face-to-face with Julie.

People have been comparing this movie to Twilight, a lot. For me, being a Twilight die hard fan, this movie is so much different. So, for those yang masih belum menonton this movie, go and watch, okey? I’m not going to say much about the review, since a lot of people have been reviewing this movie in the internet, and most of them are giving a lot of stars for this movie.

And excuse me for my fangirling moments of this couple.

WARM BODIESWarm Bodies - 7WARM BODIESWarm Bodies - 9Warm Bodies - 10R tells Julie how he feels about her.

Warm Bodies - 11R teaches Julie how to be dead.

Warm Bodies - 12I love this moment. R is so much alive and more human, while Julie is defending him from being shot.

Warm Bodies - 13Right now, I think I want a zombie like R.

Warm Bodies - 14R when he is still a zombie.

Warm Bodies - 15The first time R takes shower.

WARM BODIESA more human and alive version of R.

The actor for this zombie, named Nicholas Hoult, has such a very beautiful pair of blue eyes.

Warm Bodies - 17His piercing blue eyes.

Boleh tidak Mama hendak cakap yang Nicholas Hoult is way much hotter compared to Robert Pattinson? For me, Nicholas Hoult is my own version of Edward Cullen, because he’s handsome and beautiful at the same time…:)

And in case you all belum tengok Michelle Phan’s video yang Mama cakap di awal-awal entry ini, here’s the video. And lucky Michelle Phan, he has such a good looking boyfriend.

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