The Old Habit

Do you have any old habits that are useful to you?

I have always love cleaning the house. Sejak dari zaman Mama belajar lagi, memang Mama suka bersihkan rumah. Waktu Mama study, Mama suka bersihkan bilik Mama, ruang dapur and ruang tamu rumah sewa Mama.

And ever since Mama tinggal di rumah sendiri, I do all the house cleanings. I always think that the time that I clean the house is my ‘ME TIME’. A time for me to think, to calm my mind and just relax. And of course, I always put it as an excuse to exercise. You know, clean the house and do some of the physical exercise at the same time. Haha!

During the morning time, I always take at least 1 hour of ‘ME TIME’ to clean the whole house. If I do take a break in between, then it will be 1 hour and 30 minutes or more.

Normally, during breakfast with the family, I shall take a cup of Min Kaffe as my energy booster. Then, after the kids went to the school and pre-school, it’s my time to start to clean the house.

So, during those times that I’ve cleaned the house, I’ve always found tips and tricks to do fast-cleaning the house. So, I’ll be sharing with you, some of the tips and tricks. To make your house cleaning fun and not just a tiring task.

  • Pasang lagu kegemaran you all. Or in my case, I always play my favourite movie at that time. It’s like there are people who are talking with you while you are cleaning the house. And take your time to dance to your favourite songs while doing the house chores. This is one of the best thing about being a work-from-home mother. You have the freedom of time…:)
  • Always start with the biggest area first. As for me, the biggest area in the house is the kitchen. So, I always start cleaning the kitchen first. Mama akan vacuum lantai and the counter top. Normally, area dapur tidaklah terlampau kotor, since normally after cooking Mama akan terus bersihkan dapur. Basuh kuali / periuk and all. Then, after the biggest room, boleh pergi ke area seterusnya. Mungkin area meja makan, ruang tamu. And finally, bilik tidur.
  • Seminggu sekali, ambil masa untuk cuci toilet. So that toilet dalam keadaan bersih selalu, and tidak terlampau menggunakan tenaga yang banyak untuk menyental. You know what I mean, right? Kalau cuci sebulan sekali, memang agak parah lah setiap kali mencuci. Sebab you have to use more energy to scrub the toilet floor, the wall and the jamban.
  • Seminggu sekali, ambil masa untuk cuci kipas. Normally, Mama guna vacuum sahaja. So, takder lah your kipas kumpul habuk banyak sangat.

Normally, within dalam masa 1 jam, Mama akan habis clean the whole house. Kalau Mama cuci toilet dengan cuci kipas, it can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. And bila pasang any video / song that you love, memang tidak terasa sangat masa berlalu.

In case you all bekerja, you can try one area during the night. Mungkin hari ini bersihkan dapur. Esok bersihkan dining area. Lusa bersihkan ruang tamu. So that, everyday you all ada bersihkan rumah, walaupun satu area sahaja.

And some of the tricks to make your house much easier to clean, is to have less things. Sejak Mama berpindah ke rumah baru Mama, my husband and I decided that we only take things that we need. And we get rid of the things that we no longer use / need.

And seriously, bila lagi sikit barang, memang kerja membersih rumah lagi senang and cepat.

We do have 1 couch, coffee table and all the necessities that we need. We no longer have television, and we still do not have any dining table / chairs. We do not have any big wardrobes. So, our rooms look so much bigger and have more spaces. And much easier to clean. We try not to hang too many frames / pictures. We let the wall just bare. Kosong.

We do have some decorations to brighten the house, like these flowers.

And we will always try to stick to ‘every things / stuff have their own houses’. It means that we do not simply leave things just like that. Like your sunglasses or your jewelries. Selalu kita akan tinggalkan macam tue sahaja atas meja, kan? Find a box, or space to store them. So that your table or mana-mana tops akan bersih and tidak bersepah. Even my make up items pun memang Mama akan simpan dalam storage supaya tidak bersepah.

The white storage is from IKEA. I bought the pink jewelries boxes from online. I couldn’t remember where exactly I bought them.

And seriously, bila everyday you all bersihkan rumah, it’s like an excuse untuk exercise. Just like me, I do not have times to hit the gym. So, Mama akan ambil peluang ketika bersihkan rumah untuk ber exercise. And sambil bersihkan rumah, memang wajib buat Mama untuk sarungkan Premium Beautiful. Takder lah pinggang cepat sakit ker kan? And sambil-sambil itu, boleh lah ambil peluang untuk bakar lemak-lemak degil ini. Haha!!

So, that are some of the tips and tricks yang Mama belajar selama ini untuk cepat bersihkan rumah. Less things, and do it everyday. So that, you all takkan mengambil masa yang sangat lama once you all decided untuk bersihkan rumah.

So, do you have some old habits, yang mungkin berguna untuk diri sendiri? Do share in the comments. I would love to read them.

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