To Those Who Are Feeling Of Giving Up

I was thinking of writing an entry about other thing. But, I did want to write this entry as soon as I was sitting in front of my computer.

Often, we’ve heard about successful people telling their tales how they achieved their success. And bunyinya macam senang. Bunyi nampak indah belaka. Bunyi nampak mudah dan simple.

Tetapi, di sebalik setiap perjalanan menuju kejayaan tersebut, who knows what they’ve gone through. The hell, the pain, the sadness, the sacrifices that they had to make.

I was told that no one wants to listen to our sad stories. But people will be inspired by your success stories. But, here’s the thing. In my 8 years of journey in this business, nothing comes easy. And success definitely doesn’t come that easy, without feeling a lot of pains.

So, here I am. Writing an open letter to those who are feeling in pains. Who are feeling like they want to give up. Who are on their journey to success.

To you,

If you are ever reading this, know that, this painful experience, will pass. This painful experience, is here to teach you that success has never been simple and easy.

It’s normal to cry. It’s normal to feel like giving up and never to pursue this dream of success, again. It’s normal. Because, we are humans. We do feel exhausted. We do feel frustrated sometimes. We do feel the pain and sadness.

If you are ever wondering, how did the successful people became, you know, successful people. Didn’t they fail at the beginning? Didn’t they feel to give up at one point? I don’t know about others, but let me tell you what I know.

In my early days of doing this business, I’ve faced a lot of rejection. From those whom I’ve known. And from strangers as well. At first, I was thinking, dealing with rejections was hard enough for me. I’ve cried. I’ve felt like a loser. And every time, I’ve faced another rejection, I’ve told myself over and over again, that I want to stop. Just stop. Just give up.

But, there’s one sentence that I would always tell myself every time I want to stop. “Sebelum hendak give up, why not give one more chance? Why not, buat sekali lagi? And who knows, orang selepas ini tidak akan reject aku?”

I’ve kept on telling myself, “One more time, one more time,” And the same sentence, I’ve been holding on, up until today. And for all you know, I’ve learned bit by bit, how to handle rejection. How to feel normal after people rejected me. I’ve learned how to improve myself. How to bring myself better. How to upgrade myself. Inside and outside. 

I’ve been a failure a lot of times in this business. I’ve kept on falling and falling again. But, one of my mentors pernah berkata, “Jatuh 7 kali, bangun 8 kali,” Every time jatuh, sebenarnya, kita ada pilihan. Pilihan untuk bangun atau terus jatuh. And orang yang berjaya, bukan dia tidak pernah jatuh. Orang yang berjaya, bukan dia tidak pernah gagal. In fact, he has failed so many times. So many times that he can’t remember how many times. Cuma, orang berjaya, dia hanya akan fikir and fokus, bagaimana untuk bangun semula. Bagaimana untuk bangkit semula.

Yang membezakan orang yang berjaya, dan orang yang kurang berjaya, bagaimana dia handle diri dia, pemikiran dia, ketika dia sedang berada di bawah. Is he going to dwell at the bottom? Or is he learning to take a step untuk bangkit semula? You choose.

Tiada istilah untuk berjaya, tanpa melalui fasa kegagalan. Tanpa melalui kesusahan. Tanpa melalui kesakitan dan kesedihan. Tanpa melalui pelbagai pengorbanan. There’s no such thing, kejayaan itu sangat senang. If there are people who tell you, “Oh senang sangat hendak berjaya.” Let me tell you. These people are bluffing. These people bukan di kalangan orang yang berjaya pun sebenarnya.

True success require determination, focus and usaha yang berterusan. No one can help you, except for yourself.

Di dalam Surah Ar-Ra’d, ayat 11 ada menyebut: Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengubah apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri.

Kalau kita hendak berjaya, ia bergantung pada diri kita. Pada usaha kita. Bukan pada mentor kita. Bukan pada cikgu kita. Bukan pada sesiapa pun. So, selagi kita boleh bangun untuk berjaya, bangunlah. No one can help us, apabila kita sedang jatuh.

Bukan menjadi satu kesalahan pun kalau kita sedang berada di bawah. Kalau Allah hendak kita berada di bawah, ketahui lah, ada sesuatu yang Allah hendak kita belajar. Setiap perancangan Allah itu adalah yang terbaik. Mungkin ketika kita sedang ditolak berkali-kali, ketika kita sedang jatuh, ketika kita sedang berada di bawah, adalah yang terbaik untuk diri kita. Yang penting, kita jangan cepat melatah. Belajar untuk handle diri kita. Belajar bagaimana untuk sentiasa bersangka baik. Berfikiran positif. Dan bangun semula.

So, before you betul-betul decide untuk berhenti sepenuhnya, cuba hadam ayat ini betul-betul. “What if, kalau aku teruskan, and aku berjaya?” A simple sentence, tetapi sebenarnya, sangat mendalam.

I hope this open letter will reach to your heart. Will make you want to continue your journey towards your success. I always pray for your success. Because, I will always believe, orang yang ikhlas mengejar kejayaan kerana Allah, orang tersebut adalah orang yang akan sentiasa belajar daripada kesilapan dan kegagalannya sebelum ini.

So, don’t give up, people. There are still hopes. Banyakkan berdoa pada Allah. Untuk kekuatan dari Allah. Believe in yourself, that you can do this.

Love, Izyan.

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