Trip To London & Paris (08 – 17 March 2013) – First Day

Alhamdulillah, syukur. Baru berkesempatan hendak update blog. Finally, Mama akan update my latest free trip, which is our free trip to London & Paris. Mama akan update satu persatu, bermula dengan hari pertama.

On 8th of March 2013, we all semua berkumpul di Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), jam 6 petang. Our flight was scheduled at 8.50pm, and we all akan menaiki Vietnam Airlines, transit di Ho Chi Minh City. From Ho Chi Minh City, we all akan berlepas to London, via Vietnam Airlines as well.

Overall, the journey was long and tiring, of course. Travel to European countries memang mengambil masa, at least 12-13 jam dalam flight.

We all tiba di London jam 6.45 pagi waktu di sana. Waktu London lebih lambat 8 jam compared to Malaysia. So, masa sampai di London, memang Mama mengantuk sebab jet-lagged and tired as well. But, who cares, anyway. It’s London, and I am definitely going to have a blast with my friends.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 1

Our meals in the flight…:) Somehow, I always look forward to eating meals in flight…:)

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 2 Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 3

Our first stop is…… LONDON EYE!!!! I was almost in tears when I’ve found out that we will ride this London Eye for FREE!!!! It has been in my list for top places to go in London.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 4

Peluk our beloved mentor, CDM Kak Salha kuat-kuat, sebab sejuk!!!!

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 5Riding in London Eye.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 6

She’s my idol, as well, CDM Kak Lily. Di oversea jer boleh peluk dia kuat-kuat, sebab sejuk.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 7

With business partners from Team Fabulosity, DSM Kak Aween and DSM Kak Suzana.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 8

With another amazing sister in Top Leaders Circle, Kak Lynn Shukor. She qualified her ticket to London & Paris in just 2 FREAKING DAYS!!! While others are doing it for 4 months, she managed to secure her ticket in just 2 days, just before closing days. Amazing.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 9

With business partner from Team Fabulosity, DDM Wani. Another fighter and someone that I am so inspired to.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 10

Views from London Eye.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 11

Next stop: The Buckingham Palace. A HUGEEEEEEE PALACE.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 12 Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 13

Sudah lama berangan hendak bergambar dengan this red telephone booth. Impian menjadi kenyataan. Kalau ada di Malaysia pun, mana ada feel kan?

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 14

In front of the Westminster Abbey, tempat Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 15

Big Ben. One of the top attractive buildings in London.

Trip To London & Paris - Day 1 - 16

Alhamdulillah, syukur. One of my dreams came true. Thank you Allah, for opening my heart and my mind to actually involve and do this business. Teringat dahulu, masa awal-awal Mama join business nie, fight untuk hendak qualify trip ke Hong Kong. And memang betul apa cakap CDM Kak Salha, dengan qualify our first trip, merupakan kunci untuk melancong tanpa henti. Alhamdulillah, syukur. Tidak pernah Mama imagine yang Mama akan menjejakkan kaki di kota London. Memang London & Paris ini merupakan tempat yang mama selalu berangan hendak pergi. And now, Mama dapat pergi dengan secara percuma. Bersyukur sangat-sangat.

So, Mama akan sambung lagi entry trip Mama ini dalam entry kedua. So, stay tuned, people.

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