What If?

Something personal, and maybe something that will motivates you.

It has been 4 years since I’ve decided to do this business. And during my 4 years of doing this business, there has been so many rejections, challenges, obstacles, the ups and downs, and so many more. Basically, it has been an adventure to my ‘boring’ life.

When meeting clients, clients always ask me the ‘gold’ question.

“Have you ever thought of giving up in this business?”

My answer: Yes.

There were so many times during my 4 years of doing this business, that I would say, I want to give up, and just STOP of what I was currently doing. Quit my job, stop doing this business, and basically, just stop. I’ll definitely want to stop and sit back, and rethink of what do I want in my life. What exactly do I want for my life, in my life?

But, there has always been “What if?”.

What IfYou see, in this life, there is 50-50 chances of everything.

If I don’t do this business, then I know, the result will be ZERO.

What if, I do this business? There will be 50-50 chances that I may be successful. Mungkin akan tidak menjadi, and mungkin menjadi.

What if, kalau menjadi? Akan menjadi-menjadi, or just menjadi? Still, 50-50 chances.

What if, I just give up? Then I know, I will get nothing. Or just separuh sahaja. Still, 50-50 chances.

What if, I don’t give up, and just continue a little bit more?

What if, I just move forward?

What if, I just do whatever that I want?

What if, I just take the first step? Would my life will be the same, or will it be a roller-coaster?

So, you see, there will always be what if. There will always be the uncertainty, the questions that always wonder in our heads. And the answer, will always be 50-50 chances. Menjadi, atau tidak.

And in this business, I’ve learned something valuable.

Yakin pada rezeki Allah. Yakin dengan perancangan Allah. Yakin dengan ketentuan Allah.

Allah sayangkan pada hamba-Nya yang sentiasa berusaha tanpa henti.

Allah suka pada hamba-Nya yang suka berdoa dan meminta pada-Nya.

Allah suka pada hamba-Nya yang sentiasa meletakkan pergantungan hidup hamba tersebut pada-Nya.

So, yes, to the questions of giving up. But, I always say to myself, “What if I move forward a little bit, and there are my dreams are waiting for me?”

So, if you want to know your true potential, just take the step. You’ll never know what it would do to you, unless YOU DO IT. You takkan tahu whether you life akan berubah atau tidak, kalau you sendiri tidak melakukan perubahan tersebut.

Kita hanya perlua buat kerja kita, and the rest, serahkan kepada Allah. Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Berusaha, tanpa henti. There will no option of giving up if you want to chase your dreams. No excuses should be put on the line, and just your focus on getting what you want.

Alhamdulillah, syukur. I have taken my steps. And I have so many things to learn. And I am glad I didn’t listen to my brain, instead of my heart. My heart would always want this. My heart would always wants the best for my family. While my brain will always say, “You think you can meh?” Oh yes, I CAN! Listen to your heart, and the brain would always definitely follow…:)

Good luck and all the best.

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